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By: Andy Choi
Manager - Corporate Communications

On our 3Q Results replay, the gifts of another strong quarter, a new gift quiz and how we plan to win 4Q. Plus, a chance to win.

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On today’s 3Q Earnings Results webcast, CEO Hans Vestberg and Chief Financial Officer Matt Ellis shared some of the key reasons why Verizon posted another strong quarter.

“We compete very effectively in the market, both on the business and the consumer side,” explained Hans. “The Network team has never deployed as much equipment. That includes C-band, fiber, millimeter wave, and doing all of this while keeping up the best network. It’s amazing work that the team is doing.”

Looking ahead, Hans urged the entire V Team to continue to push themselves in the fourth quarter. “We need to look to outperform. We have all the assets to do it. As the leader, we are expected to lead and we need to do that.”

“We had solid results that came from executing the strategy,” said Matt.

On the Retail side of the business, host Andy Choi welcomed Verizon Consumer Group CEO Ronan Dunne and Retail Specialist Taylor Asante, who were live in our store in the Orange Village neighborhood of Cleveland, Ohio. They went through our holiday gift-giving survey, which is a great tool that can help all of us with our shopping.

Verizon Business Group CEO Tami Erwin shared a live update from Malik Books, an independently-owned bookstore in Culver City, California. Tami shared all that her group accomplished this quarter, including how Verizon supports small businesses and the importance of holiday 4Q for VBG.

Tami suggested four things to help drive VBG results: Know our products and services and be ambassadors for what we sell; follow through with what you said you would do; operate with integrity; and make every day count.

Tami introduced bookstore owners Malik and his wife and announced a $10,000 donation to Unsung Leadership Foundation, which will flow back to businesses like Malik Books.

Andy moderated a Q&A session with V Teamers from around the world, including employees in Lake Mary, Florida and Paris, France. Their questions were answered by Craig Silliman, Tami Erwin, Diego Scotti, and Kyle Malady.

Credo Award winners

For this quarter, we had three Credo Award winners. On the Retail side, Krista Bourne presented the award to District Manager Doug Gillio of Metarie, Louisiana and Sean Lee surprised District Manager Dustin Gomez of Baton Rouge, Louisiana for what they and their teams did to support their communities in the aftermath of Hurricane Ida. Dustin and his team were able to reopen their store quickly, which allowed them to serve customers, first responders and the community at a critical time.

Our third winner was presented by SVP Public Sector Jennifer Chronis to the Verizon Response Team West Team members for their response to major incidents across 16 states in 142 communities.

Dinner talk

Hans closed the event with his traditional ‘dinner talk’ suggestion of what each of us should discuss at the family table or anywhere else with family and friends. He said that first of all, we did a great job in the third quarter. We were number one and we want to extend our leadership by striving to do even better. Secondly, we can talk about the excitement we’re feeling around the C-band and nationwide broadband launch. Third, be sure to mention our commitment to all of our stakeholders, including our society, shareholders and employees.

“Finally, let’s remember that we have 72 days left in the quarter,” said Hans. “The expectation is that we will continue to outperform the market, and that’s exactly what we’ll do.”

If you have any questions, email them to live@verizon.com.

Click here for a transcript of the webcast.

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