Pre-game buzz

By: Jessica Bonardi

All the latest on tomorrow’s Fourth Quarter Huddle

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The big day is almost here. The preparations are underway. The pre-game buzz around Basking Ridge HQ is palpable. So it’s no surprise that today’s special edition of Up To SpeedCenter featured hosts Matt ‘Fiedy’ Fiedler and Jess ‘Boneyard’ Bonardi getting all of us ready for tomorrow’s big event: The 4Q Huddle at 12 PM ET/9 AM PT.

Matt kicked it off by interviewing emcee Andy Choi, who has been practicing nonstop because he knows how important the fourth quarter is for all of us at Verizon. Andy is so excited to have an all-star lineup on deck for tomorrow’s Huddle, including CEO Hans Vestberg, Consumer Group CEO Ronan Dunne, Business Group CEO Tami Erwin and Chief Technology Officer Kyle Malady.

As Andy said on his way to the locker room, “With a team like that, we know we’re going to win.”

And this special event will also have a unique twist: While there will be no in-person audience at Basking Ridge, we will — for the first time ever on Up To Speed — have a live virtual audience of V Teamer faces. If you’d like to be a part of this special wall of V Teamers, make sure to email with the subject line “I’m in.”

Again, whether we “see” you or not, be sure to tune in for the 4Q Huddle on Friday, October 1 at 12 PM ET/9 AM PT.

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