Verizon says ‘NO’ to more than 7 billion robocalls and counting

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Verizon adds support for Silence Junk Callers feature in iOS 14, leading the industry in robocall prevention.

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BASKING RIDGE, NJ -- Verizon continues to be an industry leader in protecting over 75 million customers from pesky robocalls, with over 7 billion calls and counting. And for the 10th consecutive month, there’s an industry-wide decline in the volume and frequency of robocalls that customers receive. This is due, in part, to Verizon’s continued efforts on behalf of customers within the network and application levels, including the rollout of new network technology in iOS 14 that automatically sends robocalls to voicemails for Verizon iOS customers. 

We’ve got your back.

With the introduction of a new setting in iOS 14 to Silence Junk Callers, Verizon is able to provide further protections for iOS customers by auto-blocking potential fraud and spam calls and sending them directly to voicemail.

This advanced setting is now auto-enabled on devices with iOS 14, resulting in a decrease in spam calls received, with no action from the customer needed. Customers can always view incoming calls in Recents, as well as toggle the setting off if they wish to still have access to spam call alerts.

“We continue to prioritize our customers' needs by advancing our technologies to help them avoid more illegal robocalls every day,” said Ronan Dunne, CEO Verizon Consumer Group. “Robocalls are more than a nuisance - they pose a real risk to security and are a growing area of fraud that requires constant vigilance. We are staying ahead of this concerning behavior by developing new ways to protect our customers, and the integrated Silence Junk Callers feature is an example of this."

Verizon works with Transaction Network Services to power the analytics behind Verizon’s network spam blocking features, Silence Junk Callers and the Call Filter app

More Support for Fios voice customers - Say it with us ‘Nomorobo.’

More than 80% of Fios Digital Voice customers automatically have access to Caller ID & Spam Alerts for free. Effective in August, Verizon started automatically blocking calls in the network from telephone numbers that are deemed invalid or on a Do Not Originate list. These are likely spoofed calls from numbers that should never be making calls in the first place. These calls are terminated in the network and never reach your device. For more protection and control, customers can opt into Nomorobo - a free tool that blocks even more robocalls from home phones.

What’s shaking? 

Verizon is also working with dozens of other providers to deploy STIR/SHAKEN, an industry-wide effort which verifies a call is actually the number displayed on the Caller ID and not a spoofed call. Through those efforts, we’re authenticating billions of calls each and every month. 

Scammers are getting crafty, but we’re a step ahead

Despite the volume of illegal spam calls related to selling car insurance, employment opportunities, and social security fraud, Verizon remains committed to protecting customers by expanding defensive tactics and offering greater control.

Verizon customers can learn more about additional tools to help block or avoid robocalls by visiting here.


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