Verizon’s Call Filter Gets an Upgrade

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Call Filter now helps identify callers by category so you can make more informed decisions on the calls you pick up and filter out the spam.

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NEW YORK, N.Y. - Spammers are getting more sophisticated, and Verizon is too. Verizon’s enhanced Call Filter app now helps you know who is calling and decide whether or not to answer: Now, when Verizon customers receive a call from a verified business outside of their saved contacts, when applicable, the caller ID will display categories like “Healthcare” or “Public Service.”

In the first half of 2022, Verizon identified or blocked 5.3 billion unwanted calls for wireless customers, detecting more than 27 billion unwanted calls to date. And for our wireline customers, Verizon labeled 172.3 million verified calls with [V] and 16.4 million robocalls with [SPAM?] for close to 3M Fios voice customers.

Call Filter also delivers a unique tool, only from Verizon, that tackles “neighborhood spoofing.” That means that if you receive multiple calls from phone numbers that appear to be local, or from a neighbor, you can activate the Neighborhood Filter. With Call Filter, you can block up to five area codes and prefixes at no cost, and with Call Filter Plus you can block up to ten, plus get access to six caller ID categories, including ““Healthcare,” “Public Service,” “Telemarketer,” “Nonprofit,” “Political,” and “Survey.”

Verizon’s Call Filter app (both free and advanced) offers several features to help you avoid unwanted calls.Learn more about Call Filter. Visit “Protecting Customers from Robocalls” to learn more about our ongoing work to help prevent these pesky calls and tools to help block or avoid robocalls.

Robocall prevention efforts build upon enabling quality network experiences that exceed customer needs and support 5G acceleration and innovation. 


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