Verizon awarded most reliable 5G network for the third time in a row

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NEW YORK - Verizon remains the standard for network reliability, providing customers the Most Reliable 5G experience in the U.S. for the third consecutive test period, according to RootMetrics’ State of 5G in the U.S. report. This comes on the heels of Verizon winning best overall network for the 18th time in a row in RootMetrics’ US State of the Mobile Union report.

RootMetrics is the nation’s most rigorous and scientific network tester, driving over 260,000 miles and testing 125 metro markets across the U.S. Reliability as measured by RootMetrics looks at the ability to both get connected to the network and then stay connected and describes uses that “require continuous data usage over secure connections” - like streaming TV and movie shows, making video calls, or mobile gaming. 
Report highlights include:

  • Verizon delivered the best 5G data reliability in 95 metro markets out of a possible 125 in the 1H 2022 report, with RootMetrics noting “Verizon was unmatched in terms of staying connected.”

  • Verizon also increased its 5G availability in an outstanding 99 markets since 2H 2021 and delivered significant gains in 5G download speeds.

  • Verizon’s C-Band spectrum contributed to speed increases in over 60 cities, with significant improvements of at least 50 Mbps in nearly half of those markets.

Reliability is not a nine-to-five mentality

Reliability is foundational to a superior network experience. Verizon customers can count on a continually improving network experience. Verizon has started deploying with 100 MHz of C-band spectrum in many markets across the US – a significant increase from the 60 MHz it has deployed in 5G markets to date. In the recent trial, using 100 MHz of C-band spectrum, engineers were able to reach 1.4 Gbps peak download speeds near active cell sites and 500 Mbps further away from the towers.

Verizon also announced it has started upgrading its core equipment, which enables Verizon to manage 115 terabits per second (Tbps) of data on its network at any given moment, upgradeable to 230 Tbps in the coming years. This upgrade will significantly increase the bandwidth needed to support wireless, home internet, enterprise, small business and FIOS customers when completed.

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