Verizon shows unprecedented network performance in RootMetrics® study

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  • Verizon wins for overall network performance by RootMetrics, the nation’s most rigorous drive testing firm.

  • This is Verizon’s 18th consecutive RootMetrics win for overall network performance.

  • Verizon delivered the best 5G data reliability of any carrier.

NEW YORK - Verizon delivers another outstanding—and record-setting—network performance. Taking home the RootMetrics ® US Overall RootScore ® Award for the eighteenth straight test period - more than any other carrier in the report’s history.

In the latest RootMetrics State of the Mobile Union Report, released today, Verizon earned top national awards for overall network performance, reliability, texting, and network accessibility.

Verizon also won or tied for Overall Network Performance awards in 96% metro markets tested - which run the gamut from major city centers to suburbs, business districts, tourist destinations, and the roadways that connect them.

“These results back up what our customers already know: Verizon offers an unmatched network experience when it matters most to them,” said Kyle Malady, EVP, Global Networks and Technology for Verizon. “The stringent methodology of these reports shows that in “real world” performance testing, Verizon excels.”

RootMetrics conducts real-world tests by driving more than 260,000 miles across the United States, covering all 50 states and 125 metro areas. Their testers conducted almost three million tests across seven categories in 1H 2022, both outdoors and in over 3,000 indoor locations. Their controlled methodology tests networks side-by-side, at the same time and in the same locations.

*Based on rankings from the RootMetrics® US National RootScore® Report: 1H 2022. 18 consecutive wins based on the RootMetrics® United States RootScore® Reports: 2H 2013-1H 2022. Most reliable 5G network based on more first place rankings in RootMetrics® 5G data reliability assessments of 125 metro markets conducted in 1H 2022. Tested with best commercially available smartphones on 3 national mobile networks across all available network types. Your experiences may vary. The RootMetrics award is not an endorsement of Verizon.

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