Verizon using Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality apps to train employees

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VR Demo Fiber Splice

NEW YORK, NY – Ever been down a New York City manhole? Or in a bucket truck to the top of a city pole? Or, for that matter, climbed ladders or into bucket trucks to install the unseen fiber we depend on for our Internet? These are the scenarios that thousands of Verizon technicians face every day in New York City. Beginning this month, the Verizon team will launch new and engaging AR and VR applications to deliver more effective new hire training and to enhance employee education, communications and skills – to help enhance the customer experience.

Technicians will experience virtual reality situations to provide them with realistic scenarios (working on fiber splices, installing Fios service and repairing optical network terminals) of some of the most challenging field environments: working aloft in a bucket truck, going in a manhole under the busy streets of New York City, installing fiber from rooftops and climbing ladders on utility poles in busy pedestrian areas. 

“These new AR/VR applications are designed to improve operational readiness, and lead to better experiences for customers on a daily basis. We plan to share these immersive experiences with all of our wireline field technicians,” said Kevin Service, Senior Vice President of Verizon’s Wireline Center & Field Operations.

This video technology is produced by Verizon field teams for the benefit of their colleagues.

The AR content is created and published with AR Designer, a solution recently released by Verizon’s AR/VR innovation subsidiary ENVRMNT.


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