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Discover products and services
designed to help everyone in your family thrive.

Put your family’s safety first.

Smart Family

Protect kids in a digital world.

Monitor kids’ calls, texts and locations. Plus, block unwanted content on their devices.

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Gizmo Hub

Let kids explore safely.

Control your child’s Gizmo wearable and easily stay connected, even when apart.

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Worry less about the family ride.

Get alerts about mechanical issues, 24/‍7 roadside assistance and crash detection.

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Call Filter

Help your family avoid spam—and more.

Screen callers, block calls or texts, report numbers and prevent robocalls.

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Get smart about online safety.

From first phones to first cars, learn how to make the most of Smart Family’s parental controls. Because a Smart Family is a safer family.

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Stay connected.
Even while apart.

Gizmo Watch: a great first device.

Give kids room to roam without a smartphone. Gizmo watches let kids call and text caregivers and let you restrict outside apps.

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Their first phone: Choose wisely.

A smartphone can vastly expand a child’s world. Create firm boundaries and use parental controls to monitor how they use their device.

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Connect the whole
family. 4 lines for the
same price as 3.

Help everyone keep in touch. Add a
4th line and it's like getting it for free.
On Unlimited Welcome.
for 4 lines. With Auto Pay. Plus taxes
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Watch, work and play together.

The fast, reliable home
internet your family

With Verizon Home Internet, you can
choose a plan with the speed and
features that work for
everyone in your

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Expert advice for
raising kids in
a digital world.

Get the facts on

7 in 10 young people experience
cyberbullying by the age of 18.

Got an aspiring content

Learn how to manage their
expectations and set guardrails from a
parent who’s been through it.

Have questions?
We’ve got answers.

What is Verizon Smart Family and how does it work?

Verizon Smart Family is a service that serves as technology monitoring for parents. It features parenting technology that helps you manage kids' phones or Verizon connected Android™ tablet* usage.

From a single app**, you can filter content, pause the internet and supervise screen time. You can also monitor and limit texts, calls and purchases as well as web and app activity. And with Verizon Smart Family Premium™, you can connect to your family when they're out and about with features like location tracking, pick-up requests, and automatic check-ins when they reach particular places.

Best of all, your Verizon Smart Family account can be used to manage all compatible devices on the same Verizon mobile account, like kids' phones. Add Verizon Smart Family to your account, download, and get started today.

*iPads aren't currently supported. Tablets must have a line on your Verizon mobile account to be managed.
**Most features require that the Verizon Smart Family Companion app is installed on the child's device.

What is the Gizmo Hub App and how does it work with the Gizmo Watch?

The Gizmo Hub App allows you to keep track of Gizmo devices, even if kids are on the go. This technology monitoring for parents allows you to find and control the devices, call and message kids, check kids' locations, and more.

What is Hum? How can it keep my teenager safe while driving?

Hum by Verizon is a monthly subscription premium connected car service. It gives you the power to keep track of your car's health. When teens start to drive, this parenting technology is incredibly useful, with 24/7 roadside assistance, vehicle location, crash response, Number Share, and more to help keep them safe.

What is Call Filter and does it really block spam calls?

Yes, Call Filter from Verizon really blocks spam and unwanted calls to help keep the whole family safe. Users can automatically block and report unwanted calls, especially robocalls and control who can call your kids' phones. Upgraded versions offer additional safety features such as Caller Name ID, personal block lists, and more.