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FAQs: Screen protectors,
cases and more

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What smartphone accessories can I buy at Verizon?

Verizon sells a lot of smartphone accessories for iPhone and Android models. Whether you're looking for a MagSafe case, a screen protector, adapters, cables or many other options, we have lots of items to choose from. Verizon also often has great deals available both online and in our stores, so you can find the best phone case and other accessories for you.

Does Verizon also sell tablet accessories?

Verizon has many tablet accessories to fit your needs, whether you're using your tablet to lounge around the house or to stay productive on the go. We offer ways to add a full QWERTY keyboard to your tablet, choose a stylus that fits your style, or protect your tablet with a strong case or screen protector. Deals are often available both online and in Verizon stores.

What kind of phone chargers does Verizon sell?

There are a wide variety of phone chargers available from Verizon, including MagSafe chargers. These use magnets to charge particular iPhone models without you needing to plug the phone into a cable. There are also travel chargers to help you get more juice when you can’t find an outlet and car chargers for powering up on the road. We offer cables that are USB-C to USB-A, USB-C to USB-C, cables with lightning endings and more. Verizon's own branded chargers offer fast, powerful charging, quality design and a one-year limited warranty. You can find all the chargers Verizon sells here.

Does Verizon sell MagSafe accessories for iPhone?

Verizon sells many wireless phone chargers, including MagSafe accessories and phone cases. MagSafe cases are designed to take advantage of magnetic charging without removing your phone from the case. They have charging magnets tucked neatly inside, ensuring the magnets are perfectly aligned to the coils inside your iPhone, so you get more power, quicker.

Screen protectors.
Keep your screen clean.

Do screen protectors work?

Screen protectors, whether they're made of film, tempered glass or a different material, can play an important part in keeping your phone screen free of scratches and cracks. They range in price depending on their ability to help your phone stay pristine, even if it brushes against your keys or falls on the sidewalk. Verizon sells many screen protectors, including those made by Otterbox, ZAGG, Pelican and more. Still, no screen protector can keep your phone completely safe, so try not to drop it down the stairs.

How do I put on a screen protector?

Once you've chosen a screen protector, you need to put it on carefully. First, you'll generally want to clean off any dust from your screen and then gently place the screen protector on from the top down. You can then slide a flat item like a credit card down the length of the protector to remove any air bubbles. If you'd like a fast and seamless method, however, stop by a Verizon corporate store and check out the Verizon Screen Force Pro. This easy way to put on a screen protector will have your phone covered in seconds.

How do I remove a screen protector?

Removing a screen protector is generally straightforward. You'll want to start by applying a very low amount of heat to your phone screen to loosen the glue on your screen protector. You can then use a credit card and gently lift the protector's corners. Be careful not to scratch your screen, though. Once the corners come up, you can peel back the rest. If there’s residue left on the screen, try wiping it with a barely damp microfiber cloth.

What is the difference between a blue light screen protector and a regular screen protector?

The light we see is made up of waves across a spectrum. This includes blue light, which can be hard on our eyes. While it's not exactly blue in color, it is bright. Many digital screens emit blue light, and using a blue light screen protector can help soften the light and give your eyes a break. Among the screen protectors Verizon sells are numerous options for blue light screen protectors.

Phone cases. Give your
phone the home it deserves.

Where can I buy phone cases?

You can buy phone cases at Verizon’s online store or your local Verizon store. It's good to see the options out there, as there are lots of colors and designs to choose from. There are also additional options like how thick the case is, whether it allows for magnetic charging, and how well it protects from things like dropping it on the road and having a tractor-trailer drive over it.

Which smartphone models does Veizon sell cases for?

Verizon sells cases for lots of smartphone models. We have phone cases for a wide range of iPhones, including their latest releases. There are cases for Android phones made by Samsung, Google and more. Find all the cases we sell here.

What phone case brands are available at Verizon?

Verizon offers many brands of phone cases, including those made by Kate Spade, Otterbox and Case-Mate. We also have our own brand of accessories, including phone cases. These are made in-part with post-consumer plastic, have 100% recyclable packaging, and are rigorously tested for quality and durability. Verizon also offers a limited lifetime warranty on our cases, which you can find online and in stores.

What are some of the most common phone case drop protection ratings?

The most common drop protection rating is the U.S. Military Standard. In this process, devices are dropped 26 times, on all sides, corners and edges to see how the device holds up. Companies who make cases also have their own individual drop tests to verify their quality. You can look at reviews of different phone cases to see what holds up to what you think you’ll put it through.

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