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Unlawful Call Assistance

Verizon Security will assist customers who receive calls that are considered unlawful, e.g., bomb threats, life threats, extreme harassment, etc. Customers must be willing to file a police report as information concerning the calling party can only be released to law enforcement or in response to legal demand.  The action taken by law enforcement in response to unlawful call complaints may vary by area.

Verizon Security also provides guidance to customers to help them deal with unwanted type calls such as:

  • Fax and/or computer calls
  • Solicitation/Telemarketing calls
  • Robocalls

If you want more information on steps you can take to combat unlawful and unwanted calls or to establish a case, call Verizon Security at 1-800-518-5507. Or follow the instructions given to you when you have invoked the *57 feature (Call Trace) from the phone that just received the unwanted call. 

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