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Confirm your payment was received.

You have several options to confirm that your payment has been received:


Take the hassle out of making sure that your Verizon payment was received on time. Sign up for Auto Pay and you won’t have to worry about a delayed payment again!

Confirm your payment online in a flash.

Sign into My Verizon and select view bill. You can also view up to 24 months of previous bills.

Other ways to verify payment

  • Use the My Fios app
  • Access your billing statement with your remote control (Fios TV customers only)
  • Review last month’s paper bill

Frequently asked questions

  • Can I get a receipt of my payment in My Verizon?

  • Yes, you can print a receipt from the confirmation page that’s shown after you complete an online payment. You can also view all the payments you’ve made during the last 18 months on the Payment History page in My Verizon. To access a printable version of this page, click Print Payment History.

    Be sure to opt in to bill notifications and you’ll receive a payment confirmation email or text alert.

  • I paid my bill at an authorized payment location. How can I confirm that you received the payment?

  • We’ll receive real-time notification within 30 minutes of your payment whenever you pay at an authorized payment location.

  • I paid at an authorized payment location a few days ago, but still don’t see it applied to my bill. What should I do?

  • Check My Verizon or on the My Fios app. If it’s still not there, give us a call with your receipt handy and we’ll investigate for you.

  • I didn’t see my payment on my last bill. What should I do?

  • It’s possible your payment didn’t arrive in time for the end of the billing cycle. Check online at My Verizon or in the My Fios app and see if your payment posted. If not, check your bank or credit card statement to see if payment hasn't cleared. If not, contact us and we’ll investigate for you.

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