Why did your bill go up?

One-time Charges/Activities

View bill

To view your bill in My Verizon, sign in and:

  • Hover over Billing > select View Bill

Don’t have an account?

 These charges can be found under “One-Time Activities” on your bill. Once signed in you'll be shown a chart comparing your last bill to your current bill. This bill comparison will list what changed and provide you with the option to view more details.

Things that can impact your bill

For more details on why your bill may have gone up, select from the below the one-time charge / activities that may occur with your account.




Why did my bill go up?
There are several of things that can impact your bill.
  • If you were on a promotion that has ended
  • A change in your service resulting in a one-time fee
  • A prorated month charge for a new service.
  • A late payment charge
  • Usage charges such as toll or long distance including international calls, Pay per View or On Demand
  • Tax fees can vary slightly depending on the number of days in your billing cycle
  • Repair charges