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  • Changing Your Account Information Please click here if you need to change the name on your account because of a name change or transfer of ownership. Below is some of the information that you can update in your My Verizon Profile:
    • Greeting name
    • Account Number
    • Email address
    • Mobile Telephone Number
    • Billing Information
    • Account Holder Contact Number
    • UserID
    • Password
    • Secret Question
    • Secret Answer
    • Email address
    • Email notifications
    • Language (English or Spanish)


    To edit your Account Profile:
    1. Sign in to My Verizon using your User ID and Password.
      You must be registered at My Verizon to make changes to your account. If you are not already registered, instructions are provided so you can register.
    2. After you sign in to My Verizon, click Profile.
      The Profile Information page opens.
    3. Click Edit for any item you want to update.
    4. Click Save after you make your changes.

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