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  • Do Not Disturb - FiOS Digital Voice Do Not Disturb prevents some or all of your incoming calls from ringing on your phone. You can activate Do Not Disturb for a set period of time or you can leave it on indefinitely. Incoming calls can be forwarded to a voice mailbox (if available) or receive an announcement stating that you are not available.

    Do Not Disturb does not affect your outgoing calls.

    To activate Do Not Disturb:

    1. Open the FiOS® Digital Voice Account Manager.

    2. Click Calling Features on the left side of the screen.

    3. Select the Do Not Disturb tab to open it.

    4. Select one of the following options:
      • Send all calls to Voice Mail
        If you want to have Voice Mail on your FiOS Digital Voice phone line.

      • Send all calls, EXCEPT calls on your accepted list, to a pre-recorded Do Not Disturb greeting.

    5. To add a caller to the Accepted Callers List, you can either add the phone number manually or you can search your Phone Book for the phone number.
      To delete a caller from the Accepted Callers List, select Delete next to their number.

    Do Not Disturb with Scheduling

    You can schedule when you want Do Not Disturb activated.

    To activate Do Not Disturb with Scheduling:
    1. Follow the steps above to Activate Do Not Disturb.

    2. After you select the Do Not Disturb settings, click the Set Do Not Disturb according to a schedule tab to open it.

    3. Enter a Start and End date and time.

    4. Click Add Schedule.
      Your Do Not Disturb is now scheduled for that specific date and time.

    5. After the scheduled Do Not Disturb entry is added, you can open the Do Not Disturb tab or your Calendar to view the schedule.

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