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    Telephone service can be disconnected if you do not pay your telephone bill. If this occurs, a "Notice of Account Past Due" for late payment will be sent, and service will be disconnected if payment is not received within 5 days. Required payment following disconnection will include all late charges and reconnection charges.

    Other reasons telephone service could be disconnected include:

    • Failure to comply with the terms of a deferred payment agreement.
    • Failure to comply with deposit or credit arrangements.
    • Failure to remove unauthorized attachments from Verizon lines, after receiving written notice.
    • Failure to stop abuse or misuse of telephone service, such as calls made in profane, obscene, or frightening manner, after receiving written notice.
    • Abandonment of telephone service without notice to Verizon.
    • Tampering with or bypassing Verizon equipment.

    Note Your service will not be disconnected if you fail to pay an amount currently involved in payment dispute and resolution procedures. You must however, pay the entire amount of your bill that is not in dispute. Settlement of the disputed amount should take place once the dispute is resolved. Settlement of disputed amounts should not exceed 60 days under any circumstances.
    Charges may apply to initially suspend or reconnect your phone service while you are away from home. Charges may apply to initially suspend or reconnect your phone service while you are away from home. If you require a deposit to reconnect, contact Verizon for assistance.

    Note If service is disconnected for non-payment, service is restored once full payment, including any delinquent or late charges, have been received and verified.

    Late Charges

    Late charges are calculated on a state-specific basis. Late charge may be applied to all charges that remain unpaid by the due date on your bill.

    Late payment charges are not applied in all states.

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