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  • Ordering Verizon Residential Phone Service New Service Contact Verizon at least five business days before your move-in date for new service.

    At the time your order is placed every effort will be made to accommodate your request to the nearest available due date.

    You can order new service online.

    Connection of Service
    In some regions, your phone service can be connected from the Central Office. Other regions require an on-site connection. When you order your phone service, you will be told if you need to be present.
    You can order up to five lines with your new service.

    Customers who are establishing new phone service with Verizon can complete the process online.
    Adding or Changing Service If the order is to add, change, or delete a product or service, you can register, then change your service online. Additional Lines
    If you want to order additional lines for your FiOS or copper line home phone, please Contact Us with your request.

    Moving Your Service
    For customers who are moving into a new state that is within the Verizon region, let us help you.

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