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Using Z-Wave devices purchased from other companies

Verizon provides support for several Z-Wave devices not purchased from Verizon. The following includes information about which of these devices you can set up and use with your Verizon Home Monitoring and Control service.

Verizon provides support for the following Z-Wave devices:

  • Appliance Switches
  • Contact Sensors (e.g. door/window)
  • Light Modules
  • Smart Thermostats (new!)

Adding Z-Wave devices purchased from other companies
You can add supported Z-Wave devices using the Setup Wizard by following the steps below:

  1. Sign into the Home Monitoring and Control portal
  2. Select the ‘Add a Device’ button in the upper right corner
  3. Select the ‘Devices From Other Companies’ button
  4. Follow the instructions under ‘Device Inclusion Directions’, then select ‘Confirm Inclusion’

Verizon / Z-Wave device features support

Feature / Functionality Supported for Verizon Device? Supported for Z-Wave Device?
General Features
Setup Wizard integration Yes Yes (limited)
Modes Integration Yes Yes
Technical Support Yes Yes (limited)
Returns / exchanges via Verizon Yes No
Appliance Switches
On / Off control Yes Yes
Energy reporting Yes No
Contact Sensors
Open / Close status Yes Yes
Light Modules
On / Off control Yes Yes
Dimming Yes No
Smart Thermostats
On / Off control Yes Yes
Temperature control Yes Yes
Auto Yes No
Scheduling Yes Yes (limited through Modes)
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