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FiOS Internet

Top Help Questions with FiOS Internet

  Connection Problems  cog  


Solve common connection issues

I have no connection

Slow connection

My connection is “off” and “on"


I'm experiencing a service outage   

  Email cog  

Learn about the features and functionality of your email account.


Most popular topics:

Login to Verizon Online Email

My Email is not working

User name and password

Email Settings

  Set up & Install cog  

Review instructions for setting up your FiOS Internet routers and home network.


Most popular topics:

Learn more about FiOS Internet

Prepare for FiOS Internet installation

Set up your wireless router

Add a computer to your home network

  Security cog  

Protect your computer from virus attacks, learn how to protect your children and your identifty online.


Most popular topics:

Verizon Internet Security Suite (VISS)

Spam is overloading my account

Virus protection

  Routers & Connected Devices cog  

Fix your router:

Verizon 9100EM and 9100VM

Verizon MI424WR

Actiontec RI408

Actiontec MI424WR

D-Link DI624 

Add devices to your wireless network

Netbooks | Game console | iPhone and iPod Touch

  Home Networking cog  

Learn setting up and troubleshooting your Home Network.


Most popular topics:

Introduction to Home Networking

Keep your Network secure

Set up your Wireless Home Network

Set up your Wired Home Network

  Sign-in Help cog  

You'll use your Verizon Online User name and password to access My Verizon features and Verizon Online Email.


Most popular topics:

Forgot your User name and Password?

Login to Verizon Online Email

Login to My Verizon

  Billing & Account Tools cog  

Learn about the My Verizon account tools available to you.


Solve common billing and payment issues


Most popular topics:

Account Management tools

Billing tools

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Many equipment problems can be fixed in less than
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