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After you set up your Home Monitoring and Control devices, you can create "modes" from the Home Monitoring and Control Web site on My Verizon. A Mode is a  program that allows you to run one or more devices on-demand or automatically. After you create a mode, you can activate it from your compatible smartphone, FiOS TV, or computer.



Types of Modes





Mode runs automatically during a pre-set time. 
“Night-time” mode
At 10 pm, indoor lights turn off and your thermostat’s temperature turns down.


Mode runs when triggering activity takes place, such as a door opening, or when motion is detected in a specified area.

“Camera recording” mode
Your camera automatically records when motion is detected in your room, such as a light turning on or when someone enters a room..


Run your mode anytime from your computer, FiOS TV or mobile app.


“dim the lights” mode
Turn down your lights down instantly when you are ready to watch a movie.




Create Modes




General Steps

Create a Mode

When you create a mode, you’ll specify the mode’s run method – or when and how the mode is activated and which devices to run.


Create Specific Modes

Camera Recording Modes

Your camera automatically records when motion is detected in your room.

Home Monitoring and Control service is provided by Verizon Online LLC.
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