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 Step 2: Installing the Linksys router  
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Steps to create a Linksys wireless home network

The Linksys router installation instructions vary according to the type of modem you're using. Identify the type of hardware you're using by clicking on the name of your hardware device.

Note: Click the modem graphic to display a larger image for easier identification.
    Figure depicting Westell VersaLink Gateway
    Fujitsu Speedport modem
    Westell VersaLink Gateway
    Fujitsu Speedport Modem

    Westell 6100 modem

    Westell 6100 Modem

    Privacy SettingsAccept CookiesAccept Cookies Fujitsu modemWestell 6100 modemWestell 6100 modemFujitsu Speedport modemWestell VersaLink 327W gateway SolutionDesc3=17073;;SolutionDesc2=17594,17621,17163;SolutionDesc1=17592,17591,17769,17745,17609,43269
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