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  • Paying Your Verizon Bill in Person If you want to pay your bill in person, you can go online to find an authorized payment location near you.

    Or, you can access from your internet-connected mobile phone to find payment locations and payment mailing addresses.
    Your bill's payment date Make your payment early so it can be processed by Verizon's office before the payment date.

    To avoid late payment fees, pay your bill at least three business days before the Payment Date that appears on page 1 of your statement.

    If your bill shows a Balance Forward from the previous month, you should pay that amount immediately.
    You can enroll in Verizon's automatic monthly payment plan, Auto Pay, online.

    1. Sign in at My Verizon.
      You must be registered at My Verizon to enroll for payment options. If you are not already registered, instructions are provided so you can register.

    2. When My Verizon opens, click Account then Payment.

    3. In the right column, under Account Services click Auto Pay to open the Payment Accounts table.
      The option to enroll in Auto Pay is in the Payment Accounts table under the heading Auto Pay.

    4. Click Enroll.
      You can set up your savings or checking bank account or your MasterCard, Visa, or AMEX credit card to pay your bill automatically each month.

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