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  • Call Forwarding and Active Option Combinations   You can have any combination of the following Call Forwarding options active at the same time:
    • Call Forwarding —Busy
    • Call Forwarding —Do Not Answer
    • Call Forwarding
    • Select Call Forwarding

    Call Forwarding has priority over both Call Forwarding - Busy and Call Forwarding - Do Not Answer.

    If Call Forwarding is turned on, then all of your incoming calls will be forwarded automatically as they come in (you will not be able to answer them at your phone), no matter which other Call Forwarding options (for example, Busy, Do Not Answer) are turned on as well.

    If you want to use Call Forwarding —Busy or Call Forwarding —Do Not Answer (or both), turn off Call Forwarding.
      Select Call Forwarding has priority over all other calls, including Call Forwarding.

    If you turn Select Call Forwarding and one other Call Forwarding service on at the same time, all incoming calls will be forwarded to your normal forwarding number except for any calls from phone numbers you have designated on your Select Call Forwarding list.

    If you receive a call from a phone number on your Select Call Forwarding list, you will hear one short ring. You cannot answer the call at your telephone. The number to which you have forwarded the call will ring in the usual manner.

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