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Local and Regional Calling Plans Combinations of local and regional toll calling plans that extend your calling area and include calling features to create full-service packages with one low rate. Local and regional calling plans are available where facilities permit.

Most calling plans include Verizon phone calling features. Refer to Calling Features for more information.

Please refer to the Verizon product catalog for more information about calling plans available in your area.

Description of a Local (No Toll) Call

Local calls
Calls within your local calling area that generally do not generate a toll are local calls. Your local calling area is defined by your local calling service plan.

Check the consumer guide in your white pages for information about your local calling area.

Regional toll calling areas vary from region to region
Please consult the Consumer Guide section of your local Verizon phone directory for information about regional toll calling areas.

Your Local Calling Area

Your local calling area defines the numbers you can call without incurring a charge.

Your local calling area is a geographic area defined by two factors: your home exchange (also known as your prefix) and your LATA (Local Access Transport Area).

Home exchange
Your home exchange includes all of the phone numbers in your immediate community which share the same local calling area. Your exchange numbers are the three digits immediately following the area code — as in ### 722-####. The home exchange is always a part of your local calling area, though your local calling area may include additional exchanges and surrounding communities.

LATA (Local Access Transport Area)
LATAs define geographical boundaries of local telephone service networks. The LATA boundaries are drawn by the federal government and determine which phone companies can provide local and toll service for each area. Local calling area information The most accurate source of information about your local calling area is the Consumer Guide section of your local Verizon phone directory.

Zone Usage Measurement (ZUM)

With Zone Usage Measurement (ZUM), you are charged for calls beyond your local calling area when you are calling communities in a 13-16 mile band (measured from a common point in your home exchange). ZUM is a part of all local phone service in most metropolitan areas of California.
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