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Single Sign On FAQs Can I sign in once to access different Verizon sites?
Yes, with Verizon Single Sign On you can sign in once to access multiple Verizon sites such as, and

How do I set up Single Sign On?
The first step in using Verizon Single Sign On is to link your Verizon accounts by providing your user names and passwords for each site. After your accounts are linked, you can visit multiple Verizon sites but will only need to provide your user name and password once.

The next time you sign in to the Verizon site you typically visit, you will also be able to access other Verizon sites while remaining logged in.

Where do I go to link my accounts?
Broadband users: Log in at Verizon Central. In the Internet Tools section, click "Link to My Verizon Residential" and follow the instructions there to link your Verizon accounts.

Phone and TV users: Log in at My Verizon. Find the Single Sign On tool and follow the instructions to link all of your Verizon accounts. Please be ready with all of your Verizon user names and passwords, as you will be asked to provide this information.

What happens after I link my accounts?
You are ready to take advantage of this new Verizon tool. Remember to always log in from your home Verizon site, and from there, you will be able to link to any Verizon site and remain signed in.

Can I use any Verizon user name and password on any Verizon site?
No. When you log in to one Verizon site, you will need the user name/password combination for that Verizon site. If your account information is linked, however, you will be able to go to other Verizon sites without logging in again.

For example, to access My Verizon at, you'll need to sign in with your user name and password. If you have linked your and accounts, you would then be able to move to without having to sign in with your user name and password.

Can I unlink my accounts?
Yes. You can unlink your accounts by signing into Verizon Central and clicking "Unlink My Verizon Accounts." Once you unlink your accounts you will need to provide your user name and password each time you access a Verizon site.

Is there any security risk in linking my accounts?
To maximize account security, your user names and passwords should always be kept confidential. As long as your user name and passwords are secure, linking accounts does not create any additional security risk.

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