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FiOS Internet

Use Verizon Internet Security Suite (VISS) to protect your computer
Installing and Activating VISS

Before you install:
Purchase a VISS Plan

Install VISS:
Download VISS
View Video Tutorial: "Setup VISS"


VISS Installation Guides (PDF):
VISS (3PC) : Mac | Windows
VISS Multi-Device : Mac | Windows
Security Dashboard

Small Business
VISS (3PC) : Mac | Windows
VISS Multi-Device : Mac | Windows
Security Dashboard

VISS Installation Steps:
Quick Steps

Activate VISS:
General activation information



VISS Frequently Asked Questions


Restoring Connection after McAfee Update


I can't activate VISS


VISS McAfee Product Support Web site


McAfee Virtual Technician Tool


Want to add licenses? Upgrade to VISS Multi-Devices for unlimited licenses. Learn More

Using VISS

General VISS Information

For PCs | For Macs | For Mobile Devices

System requirements

Security Dashboard


Using VISS Features

VISS/McAfee Product Support Site

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