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FiOS Internet

 Required equipment for a wireless home network with a Verizon MI424WR router
  1. Verizon MI424WR wireless router

  2. Wireless adapters for desktop computers
    • D-Link USB adapter or
    • Westell USB adapter

  3. Wireless adapters for notebook computers
    • D-Link USB adapter or
    • D-Link notebook card or
    • Westell USB adapter or
    • Westell notebook card

Note: Many new notebook computers have built-in wireless network cards. Be sure to check your notebook computer to see if it already has a network card.

Verizon MI424WR Router
Figure depicting Westell USB adapter

Figure depicting Westell notebook adapter

Westell USB adapterWestell notebook adapter
Figure depicting D-Link USB adapter

Figure depicting D-Link notebook adapter

Verizon MI424WR routerD-Link USB adapterD-Link notebook adapter

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