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How does the Wi-Fi Connect Application work?

Once you have completed the Verizon Wi-Fi registration process, the Wi-Fi Connect application will be downloaded and installed on your laptop computer. After installation, when you reboot your laptop, you will see the following Verizon Credentials window pop up requesting your Wi-Fi password. Input your password and select OK. Your credentials are now saved and anytime you are within range of a Verizon hotspot, you will automatically be connected. If you choose not to save your User ID and password, please uncheck the “Remember Credentials” box before selecting OK. In that case you will be prompted for the password each time you are within range of a hotspot. The User ID will automatically be pre-populated for you.

Verizon Credential

Exploring the Tools Menu

Tools Exploring Menu

Directory Search– Allows you to search for hotspots by Country, State/Region, and by City.  Or use the free form search for any venue.  Example: Airport

Manage Wi-Fi Directories– There are three Wi-Fi hotspot directories available to users of Wi-Fi Connect; Americas, Europe, and Rest Of The World. Americas is loaded by default and the other two can be simply added. Check the Europe or Rest Of The World box and click OK. Clicking on Directory Search will show a dialog that allows the user to download and install the non-Americas directories either immediately or at a later time.

Manage Wifi Directories

Download new directories by clicking OK.

Directory Update

Settings…– There are three settings users can change to affect the functionality of Verizon Wi-Fi Connect.

Wi-Fi Adapter– All adapters or Wi-Fi modems will be seen in this dropdown and can be chosen for connection. If there is only one it will be picked automatically.

Enable Auto Launch and Connect on System Login – This allows the user to choose whether Wi-Fi Connect will automatically attempt to connect to a Verizon Wi-Fi hotspot. There are three choices: Default, Yes, and No. Yes and Default means the client will attempt a network connection when in the vicinity of a Verizon hotspot.  No will disable auto connect.


Wi-Fi Connection Retries– If a connection to a Wi-Fi network fails, Wi-Fi Connect can retry it. This can be set to 1, 2, or 3 times.

Wi-Fi Networks with saved Network Keys– If Wi-Fi Connect makes a successful connection with a non-Verizon hotspot, it will be saved here.  You can delete hotspots using the Delete Saved Network Key button.

Wifi Connect Settings

Verizon Credentials – If you feel your password has been compromised, please change your password and input your new password. Note:  The User ID can’t be changed, only your password.  Once password has been entered, select OK.  Your new password will now be saved.

Verizon Credential Ok

Show Event Log– Event log allows you to see exactly what the Wi-Fi Connect application is doing and may be needed if you call in for technical support.

Event Log

Check In– This feature initiates contact with the main Wi-Fi Connect application server.  Once communication is initiated, the server will let the client know if there are any updates.  Note:  If check in is selected, you won’t see anything unless an update is available.

About– About provides technical specifics for Wi-Fi Connect.  If you contact the technical support center for assistance, you may be asked for specific application information.

About Wi-Fi Connect

Exit– Exit will close Wi-Fi Connect.

Close Connections

Closing Connections

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