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GPL Code for Programmers The machine-readable software source code provided here is for programmers who may wish to alter the gateway code. The General Public License Code (GPL) and Lesser General Public License Code (LGPL) used in this product are distributed WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY and are subject to the copyrights of the authors and to the terms of the applicable licenses included in the download.

Select the applicable file below to download all GPL and LGPL sources used to build firmware for the Actiontec MI424WR, Actiontec RI408, Verizon MI424WR, and Verizon RI408 routers. Save the download file to your hard drive where you can uncompress the .tgz file and view the Linux code.

Actiontec MI424WR router
Actiontec MI424WR
Actiontec RI408 router  
Actiontec RI408
Verizon MI424WR router  
Verizon MI424WR
Please note in the tables below that the GPL code varies according to the hardware revision of the router. A label affixed to the bottom of your router includes its hardware revision.
Actiontec MI424WR & Verizon MI424WR
(Rev. A, C or D)
Type Size
MI424WR - FW: .tgz 35 MB

Actiontec MI424WR & Verizon MI424WR
(Rev. E only)
Type Size
MI424WR - FW: 20.9.0 .tgz 135 MB

Actiontec RI408 and Verizon RI408 Type Size
RI408 - FW: .tar.gz 34 MB

You may also obtain a copy of the GPL/LGPL source code for the applicable product for a period of three years after your receipt of the product by sending the product name and a money order or check for $10, payable to Actiontec, to the address below:

GPL Code Requests
4250 Buckingham Drive Suite #400
Colorado Springs, Co 80907

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