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Verizon with Windows Live: Service No Longer Available

Starting March 27th, 2010 Verizon with Windows Live will be discontinued.


How will my Verizon with Windows Live service change?
This change will not impact your Internet connection, your service plan, price, or your email account.  Beginning March 27, 2010, will change to

Can I change from Verizon with Windows Live to Verizon Yahoo! or Verizon with AOL?
After March 27th, you can choose either Verizon Yahoo! or Verizon with AOL, depending upon where you live, and if it’s available in your area:

* Verizon Yahoo! and Verizon with AOL are unavailable in AZ, ID, IL, IN, MI, NV, NC (except Knotts Island), OH, OR, SC, Crows-Hermatite (VA), WA, WI, and the following communities in California that border AZ, NV and OR--Big River, Blythe, Coleville, Crescent City, Desert Center, Eagle Mountain, Earp, Felicity, Fort Dick, Gasquet, Klamath, Kneeland, Markleeville, Merced, Needles, Orick, Parker Dam, Ripley, Smith River, Topaz, Trinidad, Vidal and Winterhaven.


What if I can’t or don’t want to change to Verizon Yahoo! or Verizon with AOL?
If you are unable or don’t switch to Verizon Yahoo! or Verizon with AOL, you should change your home page to to access your email and Verizon Online account tools.


Should I change my home page settings?

If you choose to change to Verizon Yahoo! or Verizon with AOL, your browser will automatically update your home page.  If you are unable or don’t switch your Verizon Online account, we recommend you change your browser start page to to continue access to your email and Account tools.
Do I need to install or uninstall new software?
No, this change only impacts the URL used to access your account.
Do I need to change my email settings to use
No, if you use an email client such as Outlook, you will not need to make any changes to your POP or SMTP settings.


Do I need to change my Internet connection settings?
No, your access and Internet connection settings are not impacted.  This change only impacts the URL’s used to access your accounts. 


Will my email accounts change in any way?
No, you still have access to a primary accounts and up to 8 sub-accounts.  Your existing email primary and subaccount email IDs and passwords will stay the same.


Will these changes cause my services or pricing to change?
No, there is no change to your Verizon Internet access service plan, or price as a result of these changes.


How can I get help with any technical issues I may have with my account?
Visit Verizon Online Help &Support or call 1-800-567-6789 and select the Technical Support option for assistance.

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