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  • Higher Than Expected Bill or Incorrect Billing If your bill is unexpectedly high, review your bill and determine if there are any incorrect charges. If you believe that you did not incur some of the charges on your bill or were billed at an incorrect rate, contact Verizon and have the following information:

    • Date of the bill

    • Amount of the charge

    • Label of the charge from your bill

    • Page number from the bill

    • Reason for your dispute
    When you establish new phone service or add new products or services to existing service, the first bill after your order has been completed will be higher than a normal one-month bill.

    The charges for your local and optional services are billed one month in advance. The first bill for the new service will include charges for the following month of service as well as charges for the actual number of days your service was working. Initial set-up charges may also appear on your first bill.

    Your second bill will reflect charges for a normal one-month period.
    Previous charges on your bill There are several reasons that previous charges may appear on your bill:
    • Unpaid balance on a previous bill

    • Debit/credit from misapplied payment

    • Debit/credit from a long distance carrier

    • Returned check debit
    Additional billing information Your Verizon bill is dated on the same date each month and mailed approximately one week later. You can find your billing date and payment due date at the top of the first page of your bill. You should receive your bill within ten days of this billing date.

    Local usage charges, local area calls, and telegrams are normally billed on the month following the date the calls were made.

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