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eSATA storage devices

What is an eSATA device?

An eSATA device is an external hard drive that plugs into a DVR or computer to increase the overall storage capacity of that device. The term "eSATA" stands for "External Serial Advanced Technology Attachment" and refers to the connection on the end of the cable that plugs from the eSATA drive to the DVR or computer.

Most external hard drives use a USB connection to increase capacity on personal computers. However, USB connected drives are not compatible with FiOS DVRs.


Can I expand the storage capacity of my DVR with an eSATA device?

You can plug an eSATA device into your FiOS TV DVR to expand capacity provided the DVR is compatible with eSATA.


Which Verizon FiOS TV DVRs are compatible with eSATA devices?

The following FiOS TV DVRs are compatible with eSATA devices:

  • Motorola QIP 7216
  • Motorola QIP 7232
  • Cisco CHS 435 HDC

Note: VMS1100 and IPC1100 are not compatible with eSata devices

Which eSATA external storage devices can I use with my FiOS DVR?

Verizon recommends the eSATA hard drives below for use with FiOS DVR. Customers choosing to install other drive types will assume the risk of compatibility with FiOS DVR and Verizon will not assist with compatibility or performance issues should they arise.

  • Western Digital – WDBACS5000EBK-NEVZ – 500GB
  • Western Digital – WDBACS0010HBK-NEVZ – 1TB
  • Western Digital Retail – WDBABT0010HBK-NESN – 1TB


Is eSATA external storage available in my area?

Verizon is currently deploying eSATA nationally and expects the process to continue throughout the summer.

You can determine if eSATA is enabled where you live by checking the On Screen Channel Guide (System Information under Menu/Customer Support). If you have IMG 1.9 or higher, you can install a recommended eSATA device.


Is there a monthly charge for eSATA service?

There is no charge for eSATA service. The only cost would be the purchase of an eSATA device at an electronics store or online outlet.


Does the eSATA device I use require a minimum or maximum storage limit for FiOS TV?

There are no minimum or maximum storage limits for FiOS TV. However, Verizon recommends the following model types:

  • Western Digital – WDBACS5000EBK-NEVZ – 500GB
  • Western Digital – WDBACS0010HBK-NEVZ – 1TB
  • Western Digital Retail – WDBABT0010HBK-NESN – 1TB


What do I need to do after I connect my eSATA device to my Verizon FiOS TV DVR?

Your DVR automatically recognizes your eSATA device (make sure the DVR and eSATA are powered "on"). You are prompted to press OK on your FiOS TV remote control to activate the eSATA device.

Once your eSATA device has been activated, you are prompted to press OK to reboot your Set-Top Box.


How do I record shows to my eSATA device?

Once connected, all recordings automatically record on your eSATA device until it is full or disconnected from the DVR. Once your eSATA device has reached recording capacity, additional programs then record to the hard drive of your DVR.


What happens if I disconnect my eSATA device from my DVR and plug it into my computer or another DVR?

When you remove your eSATA device from a connected DVR and attempt to plug it into a computer or another DVR, the drive is not recognized and will likely prompt you to reformat the drive, whereby all recorded content will be lost.

You can disconnect the eSATA device from the DVR and reconnect to the same DVR without reformatting or losing data. The DVR encrypts data onto the eSATA drive and that data can only be viewed from the original DVR device.


How do I disconnect my eSATA device from my DVR?

To reduce the risk of lost recordings, the follow the steps below to properly disconnect your eSATA device:

  1. Press either the Menu or DVR button on your remote control.
    - If you press Menu, select DVR and then select Settings.
    - If you press DVR, select Settings.
  2. In the Settings menu, select External Hard Drive.
  3. Select Eject.


How do I check the recording status of my DVR or eSATA device?

  1. Press either the Menu or DVR button on your remote control.
    - If you press Menu, select DVR and then select Recorder Status.
    - If you press DVR, select Recorder Status.

    Your DVR hard drive is designated as the Local Drive and your eSATA device plugged into your DVR is designated as the External Drive.
  2. Use the Left and Right arrow buttons on your remote control to switch between each drive to check updated usage and capacity information.


Why would I need to format my eSATA device?

You may need to format your eSATA device if it was plugged into another DVR or computer.


What happens to the content on my eSATA device when I reformat?

All existing content on your eSATA device will be lost and cannot be recovered.

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