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Connecting a DVD or Blu-Ray Player to FiOS

To connect a DVD or Blu-Ray player to your existing FiOS TV setup, you need to perform three simple steps:


Steps to connect a DVD or Blu-Ray Player

The model number of your Verizon-provided Set-Top Box (STB) or DVR.


A wiring configuration that matches your desired setup.


The wires in accordance with the wiring diagram.


Connection Instructions

  1. Do you know the model number of your Verizon-provided STB or DVR? (Generally, the model number is displayed on the front panel.)

    Yes - Go to Step 2
    No - Go to Step 3

  2. Select the link for your STB or DVR model on the Wiring Diagram page and then go to Step 6.

  3. Your Verizon-provided STB or DVR will be one of the models shown here.  Find and note the make and model of your STB or DVR.

  4. Open the Equipment page and select the link for the make and model of your STB or DVR that you noted in Step 3.

    The Receiver model page for your specific receiver displays.

    Quick Tip:
    Bookmark the Receiver model page for future reference so you'll always have easy access to information specific to your FiOS TV receiver.

  5. On the Receiver model page, select the Wiring Diagrams link.

    A page displays with links to various wiring configurations that you can use.

  6. Review the available wiring diagrams and choose the option that matches the configuration you want to use.

  7. Use the diagram as a guide to connect the various wires. You may want to print out the diagram for easy reference.

    Quick Tip:
    After connecting your DVD or Blu-ray player to FiOS, use a digital camera or mobile phone to take pictures of the back panels of each piece of connected equipment.

    Later, if you ever need to disconnect or move your equipment, refer to these pictures to quickly reconnect.

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