07.31.2020|Inside Verizon

My Why: Vanessa Houston

By: Kate Jay

Vanessa Houston shares her Verizon story and celebrates her motivations as a V Teamer.

This week’s My Why features Solutions Specialist Vanessa Houston from our Great Hills store in Austin, Texas.

Vanessa talks about her passion for connection and engagement, which inspired her to create the Made Up Morning Show, a social media talk-show celebrating mentorship with leaders across the business.

What is My Why?

To celebrate Verizon’s 20th anniversary, we’re highlighting the Verizon journeys, accomplishments, passions and goals of 20 dynamic and diverse V Teamers.

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About the author(s):

A seasoned public relations professional whose eighteen-year career has included time in both New York and Atlanta, Kate is currently a Public Relations Manager for Verizon, supporting the company’s 10-state South Area. Energetic and driven, she is adept at tackling the planned and unplanned, which has helped her earn the respect of her peers and superiors. Comfortable engaging with people at all professional levels, Kate has extensive experience working with high profile individuals, including business leaders and entrepreneurs, international figures, New York Times-bestselling authors, and national thought- and opinion-leaders.

My Why

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