The Verizon Story. Our real-time legacy.

By: Andy Choi
Manager - Corporate Communications

Explore virtual exhibits and stories about our past, present and future.

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Are you ready for a night at the museum?

Even better, how about visiting some unique exhibits any time, day or night, and learning about a story in which you play a key role?

On today’s Up To Speed, we get our first look at The Verizon Story Digital Experience, a collection of virtual exhibits that show where we’ve come from as a company and where we’re headed next.

This online experience features curated, web-only content highlighting the incredible ways that we’ve shaped the history of telecommunications, technology and the world. If you’re curious about Verizon’s connection to carrier pigeons, or how many of our V Teamers have green thumbs or our role in the history of videoconferencing even before COVID-19, this is the website for you.

You’ll also find unique 3D artifacts, images and materials from the Verizon Archives to explore, and the site will have new content added on a monthly basis.

There’s also a physical component to the Verizon Story project. Over the past few months, five physical exhibits have been installed in and around the atrium of our Basking Ridge, NJ, headquarters. Once the office fully opens again in the coming months, any interested V Teamer or visitor can interact with all of these exhibits via a touchless interface — perfect for the times we live in.

The physical and online virtual exhibits are all part of a larger initiative here at Verizon to collect, document and share our story with people around the globe.

Start exploring today. And for more history fun, you can also join the archival slack channel “Verizon-Archives”, a place where we can share memories, information and insights about our Verizon experiences and highlight the incredible items our archivists have found.

We hope that you’ll see a piece of yourself in this experience. After all, you’ve helped make Verizon’s story one of a kind.

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