‘Leave it all on the line.’

By: Diana Alvear

V Team retail talent from across the country share tips and experiences.

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On today’s Up To Speed Live, host Diana Alvear was joined by special guests as she shared the following updates:

MEC news

Today we're expanding our relationship with AWS to include Private Mobile Edge Computing. Enterprise customers can use private MEC to quickly deploy real-time applications like intelligent logistics, predictive maintenance and factory automation. Our first client using the service is Corning. They're using Verizon 5G Edge with AWS Outpost to explore powering self-guided vehicles at one of the world’s largest fiber-optic cable plants in North Carolina.

Live from the Windy City

Host Andy Choi and Retail Operations leader Matt Carr joined live from our flagship store on the Magnificent Mile in downtown Chicago. With nearly 100% of our stores now open, Andy and Matt showcased our incredible shopping experience, which includes our friendly and knowledgeable staff, cutting-edge technology, extraordinary deals and our commitment to safety for customers and V Teamers alike.

Andy and Matt discussed our new promo that allows customers to trade in a broken phone for some huge savings towards a new 5G device. For Matt, the message is simple: We’ve got you covered with our new promo and simplified trade-in process. “Our customers know they get the best value throughout the entire lifecycle of their phones.” said Matt.

Let’s not forget, we’ve got our Total Mobile Protection plan as well. All kinds of ways we’re letting our customers know we’ve got you covered.

Finally, Matt shared his pride in how we took the challenges of 2020 to prove to ourselves and each other that we can still deliver in big ways. He believes 2021 is an incredible opportunity for us to work together and change the world as we move forward together.

Live from Cupertino

Diana was also joined by General Manager Roland Burney from Cupertino, CA — our top-selling store for the past three weeks.

Roland shared the secret to his team’s sales success. “Honestly, the secret is just being customer-friendly and trusting your team that they will give the best experience by providing the best solutions.”

When asked about some motivational tips for V Teamers, Roland said: “As we like to say here – leave it all on the line. As long as you leave at the end of the day feeling you’ve done your best, that’s all you can do.”

South Beach sunshine

Diana welcomed Solutions Manager Viviana Gordillo, who started with Verizon six years ago in Virginia and then moved to a Miami store a year ago. She recently helped open the doors at our new South Beach store.

Viviana shared that Miami is a 5G city and the new team in South Beach is excited to tell our community all about it (5G UW, 5G Home, etc). Language won’t be a barrier as all V Teamers at the location are bilingual in English or Spanish.

To all of our retail V Teamers across the country, thanks for all you do in offering our customers the best in-store experience, day in and day out.

If you have any questions, email them to live@verizon.com.

Click here for a transcript of the webcast.

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About the author(s):

Diana Alvear is new to the V Team family. In her previous life, she was a network correspondent and local anchor. These days, she juggles crafting communications with chasing kids and pets.

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