California dream team.

By: Andy Choi
Manager - Corporate Communications

Our retail V Teamers in Inglewood share what it takes to succeed.

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On today’s morning episode, Andy gives us an inside look at his trip to Inglewood, California where he met up with some of our dream-team retail V Teamers.

Our store experience is a big part of what makes Verizon special. From helping our customers find the technology that makes their lives easier to offering plans with the best value, In fact, retail manager, Nicolas Edwards can proudly share just how much customers love coming to his store location in Inglewood, California for many of those reasons. As a native to the city, he’s seen the community grow and working at the store has given him an opportunity to assist community members like his old classmates and teachers.

Even though the team may not know everyone who comes through their doors they work to meet everyone’s needs with kindness. Estela Arce, District Manager, knows that helping each customer with their unique needs is key to great service. As she explains,“Every customer is unique and every customer has a story. So we can’t serve every customer the same. We need to find what’s best for them.”

Solution Specialists, Stanley Perry and Raul Linzey would agree citing their ability to work together as a team to make it happen. Stanley mentions that they even extend that own kindness to themselves, “we actually look out for each other. We understand that we’re human first before the badge and before the titles. And we take care of each other in that role.”

Speaking of kindness, make sure to check out our Call for Kindness campaign, created to celebrate and spread acts of kindness.

Thank you to our retail V Teamers for representing our company so well. If you or someone you know is a retail rockstar, we’d love to hear about it. Send us a message to our Good mailbox at

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