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Learn more about Chief Human Resources Officer Sam Hammock as she shares some exciting initiatives coming our way, including updates on Work Forward and Talent GPS.

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Happy Monday! On today’s Up To Speed Live, host Diana Alvear welcomed our new Chief Human Resources Officer Sam Hammock.

Get to know Sam

Sam shared her gratitude to all those V Teamers who reached out regarding her recent appointment as CHRO. She also thanked Craig Silliman for doing a wonderful job as the interim HR leader and continuing to be a source of support as Sam transitions to her new role.

Looking forward to Work Forward

Sam also gave a big shout-out to the Work Forward team. The program has been introduced to V Teamers in 49 countries, and tens of thousands have received their Work Forward Ready badge. V Teamers shared their excitement for the program on the latest VZPulse survey, praising the training, new tools, and, most importantly, the flexibility that Work Forward offers.

We will be back soon with an update on Work Forward and details on when we will activate our hybrid schedules.

Supercharging Human Resources

Beyond Work Forward, Sam mentioned that the HR team is working on a number of other projects and initiatives to supercharge their support for the V Team. They include:

  • Talent GPS: We have been hard at work developing the next phase of Talent GPS so that our employees can own and drive their careers at Verizon. V Teamers will learn more about what’s to come early in the new year.
  • Workday: We are in the midst of integrating Workday, one of HR’s most ambitious projects to supercharge how we can support the V Team. From onboarding to your career profile, Workday will cover it all and offer a one-stop resource for employees and a host of enhancements for HR.
  • Recruitment/development: We are always working to strengthen our learning and development programs to ensure our workforce is ready to deliver on our future and continue attracting and championing diverse talent across the V Team.

As Sam shared, we have a big year coming up, and that means we need every V Teamer ready for what’s next. So the HR team is already upping their game to help employees thrive now and in the future.

WoW career expo

Diana and Sam are both participating in today’s WoW career expo. Sam believes that where we go as a company and how we remain a leader rests on unlocking the full potential of our workforce. That’s why we offer programs like WoW to help women advance in their careers, learn about their leadership style and gain new skills for their development.

However, WoW is just one of many programs we offer to help V Teamers progress in their careers. We also have a vast library of training and courses through Learning Portal 2.0 and offer generous tuition assistance for employees.

Sam also shared a piece of advice with V Teamers to look at their careers more as a lattice than a ladder. “There are opportunities for growth all around you and not every step forward will be linear,” she said. Considering Sam started in finance and then pursued a career in HR, she has lived her advice and speaks from personal experience.

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