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By: Jennifer Marin
Communications Strategist/Writer

How our reCharge Gaming Lounge at Metlife Stadium is doing just that for football fans. Plus, winners from the 2022 Women in Sales Awards Europe and more.

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Happy Friday, V Team. On today’s edition of Up to Speed live, host Jennifer Marin shared the following updates.

Weekly Recap:

Monday, Raquel reminded us of our incredible holiday deals. Plus, the great news that Verizon is now covering more than 175 million customers with our ultra fast, ultra reliable 5G Ultra Wideband service.

Tuesday, our Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Hans Vestberg, shared some important business updates and emphasized his commitment to accelerating our transformation by assuming direct responsibility for running Verizon Consumer Group. He also encouraged the V Team to continue pushing forward to finish the year strong.

Thursday, disabled Veteran and V Teamer Terri Leach shared how she found comfort and acceptance at Verizon.

Responding to Mauna Loa, the world’s largest active volcano.

Mauna Loa, located in Hawaii, is the world’s largest active volcano. On November 27, it began erupting for the first time in nearly four decades.

Jennifer spoke to Consumer Sales leader Steven Keller, who joined from one of our retail stores in Honolulu, to talk more about how we’ve been responding to the Mauna Loa eruption.

Steven shared that there are no significant air-quality issues on the island, that there have been no V Teamer impacts so far and that the network is performing without disruption despite five-times the amount of traffic in areas nearest to the volcano.

When asked about how we are showing up for customers at this time, Steven detailed the proactive measures we are taking in our retail stores to ensure air quality, which includes installing air scrubbers and charcoal filters and providing N95 masks. We have also increased retail inventory with chargers, hotspots and other connectivity solutions.

Steven ended by reminding us that although our V Teamers are currently safe, times like these are always a good reminder of what we can do when we come together. He mentioned our V to V Employee Relief fund which provides aid to Verizon employees displaced from their homes due to natural disasters such as fire, flood, volcanoes and more. The program is supported entirely by employee donations that are matched by the Verizon Foundation.

Verizon Small Business Digital Ready wins gold

Verizon Small Business Digital Ready won gold for “Best New Service” at this year’s North American Best in Biz Awards.

This awards program saw more than 700 entries and we are so excited to continue helping small business owners adapt to a digital future in 2023.

The Verizon Small Business Digital Ready program offers free online classes focused on helping small businesses with digital transformation with the goal to help 1 million small businesses by 2030.

Share this valuable resource with your local small business owners, family and friends and sign up here.

The reCharge Gaming lounge debuts at MetLife stadium

Last Sunday, the reCharge Gaming lounge debuted at MetLife stadium with the purpose of showing fans what gaming can do on the network America relies on.

Fans were able to learn about the rewards they can earn as Verizon Visa Card holders and take advantage of charging stations, heaters for warmth and of course gaming fun before their favorite teams took the field.

Fans also had the opportunity to meet former NFL players while playing football themed video game, Madden NFL 23.

The lounge is located at the Verizon Gate which is in the southwest corner of MetLife Stadium. It’ll be open from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. on December 11 and 18 and available during the following home games:

  • 12/4 New York Giants vs. Washington Commanders
  • 12/11 New York Giants vs. Philadelphia Eagles
  • 12/18 New York Jets vs. Detroit Lions

Verizon Fios expands in Massachusetts

As part of our continued investment in the state of Massachusetts, Verizon is bringing high-speed fiber internet to customers across the state, including Worcester, Brockton, Lowell, Everett and Plainville.

The latest Verizon Home Internet expansion is expected to make Verizon's 100% fiber optic network available to over 70,000 additional homes and businesses in the Bay State.

Verizon also continues to drive innovation and deployment in virtualizing our Radio Access Network. Verizon and Samsung have now deployed over 10,000 VRAN sites in the Verizon network, a fast increase from the 8,000 we announced just two months ago.

And just yesterday, Verizon announced the addition of the first Ericsson virtualized cell site into our network, and Verizon and Ericsson published a position paper outlining the optimal technology path for VRAN.

This technology path will maximize the performance and efficiency of the network, disaggregate hardware from software, and simplify deployment wherever possible. This technology is built into the first Ericsson virtualized cell site deployed in the Verizon network.

We plan to have over 20,000 virtualized cell sites deployed by the end of 2025.

Verizon Business wraps their last 5G Innovation Session

This week the Verizon Business team wrapped a six-month journey across America with the last 5G Innovation Session of the year at the Footprint Center in Phoenix, Arizona.

Verizon Business and Frontline took over the arena showing off what we can do for business customers of all sizes and showcased our Verizon Frontline Crisis Response assets from THOR, THOR's Hammer, SPOT, and MUTT. The inside of the area was fully branded with Verizon on every digital sign and we also had a wide array of immersive 5G demos.

Whether it's delivering mission-critical technology and reliable connectivity for First Responders, and serving as the lifeblood of small businesses, especially heading towards the Super Bowl, to being the partner of choice for large enterprises, Verizon continues to show up in a major way.

A special moment took place when City of Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego surprised Maggie Hallbach and the team with a proclamation stating that December 6 is Verizon 5G Innovation Day.

Women in Sales Awards

Some of our top Verizon Business sales professionals spent time together with Verizon Business CEO, Sampath talking through how they plan on closing out the quarter and making a difference in 2023.

Sampath was the keynote speaker at the IDATE Digiworld Summit talking about 5G and the opportunity across Europe. He shared how Verizon Business is best positioned to serve businesses around the world in how they transform the world of automobiles, logistics, manufacturing, sports and entertainment.

And last night, 22 finalists and two winners represented Verizon at the 2022 Women in Sales Awards (WISA) Europe. Prashanti Mukhi, Enterprise Sales Senior Account Manager, took home the top honors for Best Sales Newcomer, and Best Customer Service Manager went to Paulina Brissenden, Account Services Consultant.

WISA gives employers the chance to celebrate the achievements of women in sales roles, while highlighting diversity and inclusion. Congratulations to all of this year’s finalists and winners.

Complete a biometric screening for a $100 credit

US-based V Teamers are eligible for a $100 credit towards your 2023 medical benefits if you complete one of the following on Quest Diagnostics or WellConnect by December 31:

  • A biometric screening
  • A health assessment
  • Participate in WebMD coaching
  • Participate in a volunteer activity
  • Choose a primary care physician or complete an annual wellness visit

Make sure you take advantage of this great incentive. You can still complete the screening or the other incentives after December 31 but the $100 dollars will be prorated.

If you have any questions, email them to

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About the author:

Jennifer Marin is a former local news reporter/anchor. She was born in Colombia but raised in Northern New Jersey. She loves to craft new recipes, create videos, and spend time with her pug, Sweetie.

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