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Sam and Hans shared the latest on Work Forward and other updates.

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Happy Valentine’s Day! On today’s episode of Up To Speed Live, host Diana Alvear, CEO Hans Vestberg and Chief Human Resources Officer Sam Hammock shared the following updates:

Opening remarks

Hans highlighted our continuing network expansion. We recently announced we now provide more than 30 million households and more than 2 million businesses with the ability to access reliable, fast plug-and-play wireless broadband services around the country.

“This is a moment we’ve all been waiting for,” said Hans, who also thanked the entire V Team and expressed excitement for what’s to come.

With Black History Month in full swing, Hans thanked members of our BOLD Employee Resource Group and reinforced the exciting related events and activities they’ve planned. “Diversity and equity, these are part of our core values.”

Work Forward

Hans added it’s critical to make the most of this transformational moment in 2022 to build an even stronger culture and workplace through initiatives like Work Forward.

As Sam pointed out, when we first introduced Work Forward, the goal was to bring together the best aspects of remote and on-site work to transform how, where and when we work. While we have been operating in our new ways of working for a while, there has been one component of Work Forward that we have yet to activate: the hybrid routine for our American V Teamers.

Updated Work Forward timelines for hybrid plans

Starting in March, we will invite our hybrid V Teamers in the US to trial their in-office routines. This is the perfect opportunity for team members to experience the cadence of coming into the office and adjusting as needed.

As we look to trial our hybrid plans at that time, make sure to connect now and in the coming weeks with your leaders and teams to align expectations that optimize a clear value-add for coming into the office. It will help to establish a published schedule to help you plan how and where you will work to support your overall productivity and well-being. It should align to the cadence you have discussed with your leaders as the teams continue to practice and adjust.

Also in March, we will host a few social moments in some work locations for team-bonding experiences. That will include tours for our new hires, on-site volunteer opportunities and more.

Remember the following:

  • When you come into the office, you must certify through the RTO tool and use Book A Space to reserve seating and check in upon arrival.
  • Follow best practices for inclusive meetings, like bringing your device into the meeting so that those not in the room have an equal experience.
  • Keep using tools like Slack to connect, collaborate and also have fun.

Effective April 4, we will officially activate our US hybrid plans, and V Teamers will follow the in-office cadence they set with their director.

We fully expect our schedules to flex. In fact, the entire intent of our model is to be flexible to V Teamer needs.

For further details and recommended best-practices for hybrid work, watch the full video above and connect with your leaders and teams.

Union-based and international employees

Nothing changes at this time for our associates working from home; any changes would be discussed with the unions. For our international teams, Work Forward updates will be communicated on a location-by-location basis.

COVID-19 protocols

The health and safety of our V Team are, and will always be, the top priority. We will follow the latest data and recommendations from the CDC, WHO, and local guidance.

Check out our RTO Tool and Work Forward site for the latest information. We are maintaining our current policy on masking, which means wearing a mask:

  • If not vaccinated, at all times, except when eating/drinking while distanced
  • If vaccinated, when indoors and unable to distance
  • Regardless of vaccination status, on the retail floor at all times

Creating an inclusive environment

Our worksite and home-based employees have been operating in Work Forward for some time. Now more than ever, we need to integrate our distributed work principles so that we effectively engage and include all employees, no matter their working model.

Final thoughts

Sam and Hans concluded with a reminder that Work Forward is our opportunity to advance and strengthen our culture and build an even better experience for all V Teamers.

Sam emphasized that the team is committed to continuously learning from each other and taking feedback.

You can share your thoughts and questions on Ask HR or use the Work Forward Slack channel.


Speaking of feedback, today is the last day to complete the VZPulse Survey. Your perspective matters. Work Forward was created from employee feedback so take a moment and make your voice heard!

Return of The Cable Guy

Diana shared the 90-second version of our spot starring Jim Carrey that premiered shortly after halftime of last night’s big game. The ad showed America the benefits of switching to Verizon’s Home Internet and Business Internet.

SoFi, so good

Speaking of the game, the MVP of the fan experience in SoFi Stadium had to be our network team. Thanks to everyone who was a part of the tremendous 5G performance.

If you have any questions, email them to live@verizon.com.

Click here for a transcript of the webcast.

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