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By: Andy Choi
Manager - Corporate Communications

Getting to know Sean Lee, our new consumer retail sales leader, and his vision for 2021 and beyond.

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On today’s Up To Speed Live, Andy welcomed our new Consumer retail sales leader, Sean Lee.

Not only did we get to know Sean personally (fan of Guns & Roses, K-pop and the Georgia Bulldogs), we also got to hear about his background of 25 years in retail. With stops at Sears, Kohl’s, JC Penney and most recently time spent in Korea at the Samsung home office, Sean has a lot of experience to draw from.

He believes that retail strategy should be simple: focus on the customer and his/her journey. If we make sure we elevate that experience at every touchpoint, then results will follow. That said, “we know consumer needs will continue to change, perhaps at a faster pace than ever before, and we need to be proactive and continue to evolve to succeed,” Sean said.

Sean is also a big believer in the power of team in every sense of the word, which includes all of our employees and all of our stores, including Verizon-branded and indirect ones. Retail should also be fun, which is why Sean has stayed in it for 25 years. He believes part of that fun is having a swagger, and that our front-line employees deserve that swagger as well as a round of applause, especially after all the challenges that we took on and met over the past year.

Speaking of celebrations, Sean and his wife Jenny will celebrate 25 years of marriage this year. They have two kids, Julia and Justin, and a much-loved pooch they rescued 11 years ago. We look forward to getting to know him more over the coming months. Welcome aboard, Sean!

Lunar New Year

On behalf of our teammates from the PACE ERG, we want to wish you a belated Happy Lunar New Year, which kicked off last Friday. That’s when PACE held their virtual Lunar New Year celebration. It is the year of the Ox and to celebrate, our V Teamers enjoyed a variety of entertainment including a virtual dragon dance. It is believed that performing the dragon dance scares away evil spirits and all the bad luck associated with them, and brings in good luck and wealth instead. More of that good luck in 2021, please!

Andy also participated in a panel discussion on the state of Asian-American identities coming into this new year, which featured Ed Chan, Micki Chen, Caren Khoo, and Magda Yrizarry. The group shared their favorite new year traditions and addressed recent events that sparked several advocates to come together to protect Asian-American communities across the country.

Black women and politics

Last, but not least, join the Verizon Policy team for an inspiring discussion highlighting trailblazing Black women this Thursday, February 18, at 3 PM ET/12 PM PT. Learn more and register here.

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