Transforming our future of work.

By: Andy Choi
Manager - Corporate Communications

Hans and Christy introduce Work Forward, share next steps in our COVID-19 response and present the latest VZPulse results.

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On today’s special Up To Speed Live, host Andy Choi was joined by Hans Vestberg and Christy Pambianchi live from the February Leadership Forum. Hans and our leaders have gathered ‒ some in person, many virtually ‒ to build on our plans for success in 2021. For the rest of us, here’s an inside look at what has been happening.

Hans shared his excitement to be seeing everyone again. He reiterated that the health and safety of our employees remains our number one priority.

What’s next in our COVID-19 response

We plan to continue with the way we are currently operating through the end of the second quarter (end of June). For our retail workers, we’ll continue to work as are, using procedures to encourage social distancing like Touchless Retail and Curbside Delivery. For our technicians, we will adhere to our current safety protocols, including wearing masks whenever entering a customer's home or business, maintaining a safe distance when working on-site and continuing customer pre-checks.

Transforming our future with Work Forward

After meeting the significant challenges of 2020, we have an extraordinary opportunity to apply the lessons we’ve learned to help define how we want to work going forward. As an Up to Speed exclusive, Christy introduced Work Forward that will reimagine how, when and where we work with three new working models: home-based, hybrid and work-based.

As part of Work Forward, we are bringing together the best aspects of remote and on-site work to shape a more engaging and inclusive employee experience. To further explore the possibilities, we will launch a pilot program with select teams that will test new tools and resources related to these working models throughout the second quarter. With their feedback, we’ll be ready to scale up and include the larger V Team in a future phased approach.

In addition, as more information becomes available, we’ll be rolling out a Work Forward microsite that will be a resource for all V Teamers. Stay tuned!

VZPulse update

Christy also shared results from our most recent VZPulse survey. We had an amazing response rate of 87% ‒ more than 115k V Teamers ‒ an increase over the previous two quarters. Thank you to all who participated! Watch the video to see the results that Christy shared.

Leaders will receive their results starting tomorrow, February 23. To support our growth and engagement strategy, please schedule a conversation with your teams during March and discuss action plan results in April.

#Next20: Black women lead

Don’t forget to catch the latest #Next20 episode tomorrow at 2 PM ET/11 AM PT. In collaboration with BOLD Sister to Sister, our Yahoo! reporter and host Brittany Jones-Cooper sits down with political strategist and CEO of IMPACT Strategies, Angela Rye, and executive coach and facilitator Sheri Raynard. This panel will discuss the challenges Black women continue to face and what we all must do to help all of us achieve equality and equity. Watch live on Verizon’s Twitter handle @Verizon

National Engineers Week

When we think about our company's growth, Verizon engineers play a huge part. That’s why we’re so happy to celebrate National Engineers Week, which was first celebrated by the National Society of Professional Engineers in 1951. Please make sure to take a moment and share your thanks with our engineers who work so hard to provide the best networks in the world.

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