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Senior Data Performance Engineer Neal Shah stops by to show off our new 5G Home and 5G Business routers.

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On today’s episode of Up To Speed Live, host Diana Alvear declared January to be our first Ultra month of the year. She reminded us that earlier in the month at our kickoff, Chief Marketing Officer Diego Scotti shared our six incredible Ultra Innovations. We then saw them brought to life in the Ultra Show. To keep the excitement going, we’ll be featuring Ultra Innovation episodes on each UTS Live for the rest of the month. Plus, we've got more content coming including a 5G 101 with George Talks Tech and an employee contest we're excited to share with you.

Shaking up Home in a good way

We heard from Senior Account Manager-Business Sales Steve Tarakji, a V teamer who was part of the C-Band trials and learned just how incredible 5G Home is firsthand. “I have about 40 smart devices in my home, including my Ring security, my doorbell, various printers, etc. and the new router has been able to handle it all without any buffering.”

Transforming any business

And if you think Verizon 5G Home is a gamechanger for all the ways you use it at home, today we’re going to tell you how it’s going to supercharge Verizon Business Internet. Every business owner knows time is money. “No longer will customers be waiting around for hours to set up. They can just place and plug in the router, follow the setup guide, and they’re done,” explained Aparna Khurjekar, SVP of Verizon Business Markets. “Now that’s a great customer experience.”

Diana was joined by Product Development Manager Neal Shah, who showed off our new 5G business router (black) and 5G Home router (white). He talked about why 5G Ultra is superior to competitor offerings. “This is a completely wireless, plug-and-play solution that allows you to access Verizon's industry leading 5G Network. It supports features like IP Passthrough, advanced security, MAC/Port forwarding all ready to go,” said Neal.

These are just some of the reasons we’re Ultra-excited for all that we’re offering our 5G Home and 5G Business customers.

LinkedIn Live with Heidi Hemmer

Would you ever think that a college grad who majored in zoology could become a global network leader at a major telecom? Well, tune in to our LinkedIn Live this Thursday at 3 PM ET/12 PM PT when SVP of Network Engineering Heidi Hemmer talks about her winding career path. She’ll also break down exactly how 5G works and explain C-Band in terms we all can understand. You’ll have the chance to ask any live question that comes to mind.

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