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By: Andy Choi
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From the inspiring story of Raul Torres to Coach Kelly’s challenge, everything you need to stay well in 2021.

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Can you believe 2021 is already over one week old? That begs the question: How are you doing with your New Year’s resolutions? If you’re already struggling with a couple, or if you never got around to making any commitments to improve your wellness — no worries — we’ve got some great tips to keep you on track in 2021.

Stop guessing, start tracking.

Coach Kelly stopped by with a simple tip for anyone looking to improve or maintain their physical fitness in the new year: Use a fitness tracker like an Apple Watch or Fitbit (both available in our stores) to monitor your workouts, gamify your training and keep you motivated. While the weight of these wearable gadgets continues to drop, their functionality continues to grow.

21-Day Challenge

Coach Kelly also shared the V Team Coaches’ 21-Day Challenge. Everyone is encouraged to check it out. The program is divided into three pillars for success: Physical activity, nutrition and behavioral change. You’ll learn how to create healthy meals, build an exercise routine that fits your life and incorporate healthy habits for the long haul.

Don’t like to workout? Try virtual training.

For those of us in the northern hemisphere, the weather is often not conducive at this time of year for exercising outside. That said, we recommend cold weather jogging, fat tire snow biking and cross-country skiing.

But if winter sports aren’t your bag, you can now get your sweat on in a virtual world without leaving your living room. The Oculus Quest 2 is a virtual reality (VR) gaming system compatible with many high-intensity fitness games.

There’s Beat Saber, which will have you dodging walls and slicing beats with a saber for a great arm workout. Or Audio Trip, which has a lot of squatting that is good for the legs. Both are a ton of fun and a great way for kids or adults to work up a sweat.

The future of VR workouts looks even brighter.

We’re also excited for the day when virtual reality workout games fully utilize the power and speed of our 5G Ultra Wideband network. Imagine blazingly fast data rates and lower latency that allow for games and virtual worlds with greater personalization and interactivity. Want a boxing match with your best friend in another state? How about motivation to run faster via a seemingly real-life, snarling tiger only steps behind you? The opportunities for making workouts more entertaining and enjoyable seem limitless.

Raul Torres celebrates a big loss.

If you need some inspiration to keep working towards your wellness goals, check out the story of Raul Torres, a network engineer from Sierra Vista, AZ, who shows us that little things can add up to big changes.

One day in 2019, Raul found himself weighing 380 pounds, a low point for his health that came due to a lifetime of poor choices. As a Verizon employee, he saw emails with wellness messages, including Motivational Mondays, offering resources for those willing to seek help. “As I read those messages, they hit close to home. I was thankful that Verizon puts so much effort into those areas.”

Eventually, Raul decided to take some small steps in a positive direction. He started out by committing to working out once a week. He reduced his snacking. He wrote positive affirmations to himself. He eventually increased his workouts to five times a week. With each small decision, day by day, month by month, he continued to make strides toward his goals. One year later, he had lost over 120 pounds. His shirt size had changed from a 4XL shirt to a 2XL.

“I have so much energy now, reports Raul. “I love my job more. I love life more. It’s amazing.”

Even while knowing his weight loss story could be temporary, Raul decided to share his journey within Verizon. He received so many responses with words of encouragement from his colleagues that he decided to print and display them in his home gym. Even as Raul’s journey is inspiring others, they, in turn, are now inspiring him.

“Just the other day I didn’t feel like working out,” recalls Raul. “But then I saw those comments on the wall and I was thinking, I can’t let all these people down.”

Share your resolutions with us

In the same way that the V Team has supported Raul and helped him hold himself accountable, we’d like to do the same for you. Share your wellness goals at the Good mailbox at Let us know your plan and how you’re faring. Let’s support one another as we try to make the most of 2021.

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