See how the fruits of our labor helped EDEN, Inc.

With Verizon Business Internet, the ‘difference maker’ is our service.

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On today’s Up To Speed, host Diana Alvear shared one of the many stories of how the Verizon Business team goes above and beyond to serve the needs of our customers.

EDEN, Inc. has been providing solutions to people facing the challenges of housing insecurities and homelessness in the Cleveland area since 1991.

“We’ve experienced outages so we know the impact when services go down,” said Nick Stroup, Director of Technology at EDEN, Inc. “The real-world impacts are things like rent payments going out to landlords, processing work orders, someone’s heat goes out. Those are really important things.”

5G was introduced in 2020 as an option for businesses. “Nick was running a parallel network at his location,” recalled Amy Costanzo, Managing Partner, Business Sales. “So we positioned 5G Business Internet as a replacement for that secondary network.“

Nick Monter, Senior Account Manager-Business Sales, was part of the team working with EDEN. “We were able to come together to uncover the 5G opportunity and relay that information to our solutions engineering team to set up follow up calls with the customer to see if this would be a fit.”

The result: consistent, high-quality internet service and a satisfied customer.

“We just went through an evaluation period to see if Verizon is the direction we still want to go, doing our due diligence,” said Nick. “Ultimately, the difference maker is the service that Verizon provides. It’s rare to find a sales and support team that is able to make things easier for you.”

Learn more about 5G Business Internet here.

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