The inside scoop.

By: Andy Choi
Manager - Corporate Communications

Andy and Adi get the lowdown from Network guests Julie Slattery and George Riggins. Plus, Hans’ advice for interns and other young V Teamers.

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On today’s Up To Speed Live, host Andy Choi welcomed Communications Intern Adi Wineland as co-host and first-time visitor to our Basking Ridge, NJ, office.

Coffee with Hans

This, however, is not the first gig that Andy and Adi have worked together. The dynamic duo hosted a very special “Coffee with Hans” conversation last week with some of our interns. Adi was impressed with Hans before he met him and even more impressed afterwards. Hans urged the interns to go out of their way to ask V Teamers for 15 minutes of their time to get the valuable conversations they would have typically been a part of if we all had been in the office together.

The inside scoop

In order to ensure that our interns and V Teamers across the company can find opportunities to reach out, connect and learn, Adi and Andy came up with a way everyone can play a part. “Give an intern the inside scoop” is a Google form that we’re inviting all V Teamers to fill out with your name, title, areas of expertise and subjects you’d be interested in talking about with our interns. It will take you two minutes to fill out, and all we ask is 15 minutes of your time afterwards.

Once you complete the form, the information you share will go to this year’s summer intern population, and based on their business interests, our interns will then be able to reach out for those very important 15 minutes that Hans was talking about. It doesn’t take a lot of time to make a huge difference in the lives of our interns, so we hope all of our V Teamers take part.

Revisiting our network wins

Last week, we set the record straight — yet again — when it comes to who’s got the best network. RootMetrics awarded Verizon with our 16th consecutive RootMetrics win for overall network performance and reliability. Not only that, we are the Most Awarded Wireless Brand for Network Quality by JD Power for the 27th time in a row. Another feather in our cap.

To help us understand the story behind those impressive wins, Andy and Adi welcomed two special guests from the Network team: VP of Network and Field Operations Julie Slattery and VP of Network Engineering George Riggins.

Julie thanked the entire team for an amazing group effort and talked about some of the biggest obstacles they faced as we continue to lead the way in 5G.

George talked about the advantages our C-Band investment gives us over the competition, especially as it relates to the physical buildout of our network. “We’re in the middle of a massive transformation from 4G LTE to 5G UW that will change the way humans communicate. These wins are not just about 4G and 5G. It’s about both and it validates that our transition strategy is working.”

Big thanks to Julie and George for stopping by the show, and thank you to your teams for building the networks that truly move the world forward.

Boys and Girls Club give back

As part of a recent leadership training program, Genia Wilbourn's people leaders participated in a virtual give back and team-building event in partnership with Corporate Social Responsibility and the purposeful team-building organization Impact 4 Good. Once Genia's team had completed their STEM project, additional kits and encouraging messages were sent to the Boys and Girls Club of Western PA for their Juneteenth Youth Fest celebration, where the children built small solar-powered vehicles. The event provided a fun hands-on learning experience that highlighted the importance and awareness of STEM education.

2Q Results Webcast

Be sure not to miss our 2Q21 Results Webcast taking place this Wednesday, 12 PM ET/ 9 AM PT as Hans and our leadership team break down the earnings for us. Tune in to find out how you can win some of the best accessories available in our stores.

Even more exciting, the webcast will be live from two locations. Andy will join Hans in New York City and Adi will be live in Basking Ridge hosting our Q&A session in the lobby.

Free coffee offer!

If you are in Basking Ridge Wednesday, the Up To Speed team would like to invite you to join us and several of our leaders in the lobby at 12 PM ET to watch our Results Webcast live. If you come down to watch, coffee is on us!

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