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By: Andy Choi
Manager - Corporate Communications

Watch the 2Q Results Webcast replay to hear them all. Plus, meet our latest Credo winner.

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On today’s special edition of Up To Speed Live, CEO Hans Vestberg and our Verizon leaders shared our impressive 2Q 2021 Earnings results.

The broadcast kicked off with a video featuring some of our exceptional 2021 interns — or as they like to call themselves, the ‘V-terns’ — who shared highlights from each of our business units and Citizen Verizon from the past quarter.

Words from Hans

Host Andy Choi introduced Hans in our Bryant Park store in New York City, and both later joined Chief Financial Officer Matt Ellis across the street in our 1095 Avenue of the Americas offices.

Hans reiterated that the pandemic is still impacting many parts of the world and offered his well wishes to employees across the globe. He expressed his gratitude to the entire V Team for their work during the pandemic, which allowed Verizon to emerge stronger than ever.

Hans pointed out that the company had a great quarter both financially and operationally, and that included all business units. He pledged that despite continued competition, we will continue to work as hard as we have in the past to remain the category leader.

Earnings highlights

Matt shared key earnings highlights, including our adjusted earnings per share came in at $1.37 — our highest on record. Based on our strong results, we revised our revenue and adjusted EPS guidance upward for the full year.

Andy shared a video featuring our own Raquel Wilson, in which she shared all that we’re doing with broadband, including the recent awards we’ve won and how we continue to create future-proof solutions that will help our customers do all they want to do, both today and tomorrow.

Inside scoop

As a reminder, in order to ensure that our interns and V Teamers across the company can find opportunities to reach out, connect and learn, Adi and Andy came up with a way everyone can play a part. “Give an intern the inside scoop” is a Google form that we’re inviting all V Teamers to fill out with your name, title, areas of expertise and subjects you’d be interested in talking about with our interns.

2Q 2021 Credo Award Winner

SVP of Network Field Operations Kevin Service surprised Services Technician Ron Luna of Chantilly, VA, with news that he had been named a Credo Award winner. Perhaps Ron shouldn’t have been so shocked, considering his extraordinary work record represents everything we try to do. Ron has an incredible lifetime score of 99.7% on customer feedback. His secret to success? “You have to have a passion for what you do,” said Ron.

Live Q&A

Andy passed the baton to our intern Adi Wineland, who hosted a Q&A session from Basking Ridge, NJ. Answering questions from multiple locations were Chief Technology Officer Kyle Malady, Chief Human Resources Officer Christy Pambianchi, Chief Revenue Officer for Verizon Business Sampath, Consumer Group CEO Ronan Dunne, Chief Marketing Officer Diego Scotti, Verizon Media CEO Guru Gowrappan, General Counsel Craig Silliman and Chief Strategy Officer Rima Qureshi.

Hans’ dinner talk

As always, Hans had some suggestions on what V Teamers should share with those interested in what is happening at Verizon:

  1. First of all, share our excitement of all the big wins we had this quarter.
  2. We are not done. In the near future, we have so many exciting things happening, including the continued 5G rollout and launch of the C-Band spectrum.
  3. We are doing a gradual return to office, so talk about how you feel about it and how our frontline team has been working out of the home during the pandemic.
  4. Mention Verizon Media group, since this may be the last time they are part of our Results Webcast. Talk about the great partnership we’ve had, and how we’ll continue to work with them in the future.

Thank you from the Board

Andy shared a video from the Verizon Board of Directors, in which they thanked the entire V Team for all of their work throughout the pandemic. It kicked off with a message from Lead Director of the Board Clarence Otis Jr. “If I had one word to describe the V Team over the past 18 months, it would be heroic.”

The directors shared how much it meant to them to see how committed the V Team was to going above and beyond to help our customers and one another.

Thank you, V Team!

If you have any questions, email them to

Click here for a transcript of the webcast.

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