Celebrating National Intern Day at Verizon.

By: Adi Wineland

Pearls of wisdom from interns past and present.

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On today’s Up To Speed, hosts Andy Choi and Communications Intern Adi Wineland celebrated National Intern Day by collecting and sharing the wisdom and experiences of past and present interns.

There are many V Teamers who started their careers as interns. This summer’s interns continued the tradition of moving Verizon forward, by learning how to:

  • Strengthen our 5G network and leverage it for the future
  • Advocate for employees and build a strong company culture
  • See how our business works and how it makes other businesses stronger
  • Give consumers the best quality products and services

Our current interns give so much of themselves in their short time with us, but they also feel the love from their colleagues. “What sets our internship apart from others is how much our V Team cares about guiding us in our journeys,” said intern Stefen Zaki.

Would you like to make a difference in the life of an intern? There’s an easy way to take part. Andy and Adi created a program called “Give an Intern the Inside Scoop”. All it takes is a minute to fill out the form and then fifteen minutes to volunteer with an intern. You could make a difference that lasts a lifetime.

Adi said he feels fortunate to have two former interns on our communications team, Sravya Gajjala, and Chris Toohey, who each offered advice based on their experiences. “Just continue being curious,” said Sravya. “Your opinion is extremely valuable, and when you’re in the room, make sure you’re heard.”

“Definitely work your butt off. Put in all the hours you can. It doesn’t go unnoticed,” suggested Chris. “Don’t say ‘no’ to almost anything, but make sure you say ‘no’ when it does get to be a little too much.”

The mentoring continues on National Intern Day as Hans meets with all of our summer interns for a Q&A session this afternoon.

Adi wrapped it up by speaking on behalf of this year’s class of interns. “We’re so grateful to the entire V Team for helping us learn what it takes to move the world forward.”

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About the author:

Adi Wineland is a creative communications professional born and raised in the DC area and currently based in Los Angeles. When he’s not spreading the word about all things Verizon, you can find him traveling the world, basking in the California sun and writing your next Top 40 hit.

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