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By: Andy Choi

Diego and Nicki share two big announcements at E3 as we transform the industry with 5G.

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Today, in place of our typical episode of Up To Speed Live, we shared a livestream from the gaming expo E3, where Chief Marketing Officer Diego Scotti and Chief Product Development Officer Nicki Palmer presented Verizon’s first ever keynote address at this gaming event.

“The 5G gaming revolution is on,” announced Diego.

Diego and Nicki highlighted all of the ways the power of 5G is transforming gaming. This includes the speeds, low latency and capacity of Verizon’s superior 5G network as well as our real-time Mobile Edge Compute (MEC) technology. Also, as a result of the powerful partnerships we’ve lined up — including with Electronic Arts (EA), Dignitas, Riot Games and Team Liquid — 5G will accelerate possibilities for developers, players and fans.

In addition, Verizon showed its commitment to diversity in gaming by donating $1 million to increase female representation in gaming and STEM through the creation of the Verizon Game Forward Scholarship for female students at Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) and tech centers on the campuses to benefit the students, facilitated through non profit organization, Cxmmunity.

“As we continue to work with our partners to build the future of the industry, we’re literally changing the game,” said Diego. “5G has massive implications for developers, esports teams and fans. As that ecosystem grows, a commitment to diversity, specifically around female representation, is crucial to continued innovation. The Verizon Game Forward Scholarship is an important action towards achieving the equity the industry needs.”

Diego and Nicki were joined by partners and guests, including:

  • Aerial Powers, member of the Minnesota Lynx and streamer with Team Liquid
  • Anna Donlon, Executive Producer of Valorant with Riot Games
  • artStar, Content Creator for Dignitas
  • Derwin James, safety for the LA Chargers and Madden NFL player
  • EMUHLEET, Pro Gamer for Dignitas

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Click here for a transcript of the webcast.

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