An attitude of gratitude.

By: Jessica Bonardi

How parental leave gave V Teamer Lux Gurusamy the best two months of his life.

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On today’s episode of Up To Speed, we meet Lux Gurusamy, a New Jersey-based manager in Verizon’s Finance Transformation Management Office. He’s a fierce advocate for Verizon’s Employee Resource Group for military veterans, their families and other supporters, as well as a huge fan of the company’s benefits plan that helped his family in ways he’d never experienced.

As a member of Verizon’s Enterprise Business Excellence team, Lux recalled his upbringing in Sri Lanka, graduating from high school in India, and attending the University of Rhode Island. Shortly after being recruited to join the Army as an undergrad, the tragic events of 9/11 unfolded, prompting the deployment of Lux’s Army Corps of Engineers unit for missions in the three years that followed.

Verizon’s support for veterans – especially the Veterans and Advocates Leading the Organization Responsibly (VALOR) ERG – was one of the reasons Lux joined the company. He appreciates VALOR’s comradery, a quality he cherished most during his service.

In addition to VALOR, Lux also appreciates the eight weeks of paternity leave offered through our company’s benefits package. During the pandemic, he welcomed his third child, and appreciated being truly present for his family – something he wasn’t always able to do.

“When our two previous kids were born, I was not with Verizon, I actually had to use up my vacation to be with my family,” Lux said. “The rest of the time, my wife was left to handle maternity by herself. That’s all gone, thanks to Verizon.”

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