A fork full of value.

By: Andy Choi
Manager - Corporate Communications

Celebrity foodie Adam Richman gives Andy a taste of the expanded rewards of the Verizon Visa card.

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On today’s Up To Speed Live, host Andy Choi shared the following updates:

Supporting those impacted by the Florida building collapse.

Many of us have been following the tragic story of last week’s building collapse in Surfside, FL. Our teams have been working closely with local agencies and FEMA. Over the last 24 hours, we’ve deployed devices, charging stations, and phone banks to ensure families can connect with loved ones domestically and internationally at the Family Reunification Center. Thanks to Kim Mirabella's Public Sector team for their active engagement.

Big Red on the scene

The Verizon Response Team has also been responding to the emergency in Florida, deploying a Sat COLT and SPOT and bringing in ‘Big Red’ from Texas. Big Red is a full-size semi truck offering 24 air-conditioned workstations, each with a VoIP Phone, data connection, Chromebook, and power outlets. It also comes equipped with satellite TV with multiple wall-mounted flat-panel monitors and Shore Power Connections under the trailer for 220V 50-Amp power connection.

Thanks to all for running to the crisis to help the community.

Verizon Visa Credit Card

We’re starting the week with some very exciting news about our Verizon Visa Credit Card. As many of you know, the card already gives you cash back: 4% for gas and groceries, 3% dining including takeout, 2% on Verizon purchases, and 1% on everything else.

It’s also the only card that lets you earn Verizon Dollars, which can be redeemed for Verizon's best phones, 5G tech and put toward your monthly wireless bill with discounts. And remember, card holders who enroll their card in Auto Pay not only get the best pricing available on Verizon Unlimited plans, but also earn 2% in Verizon Dollars for each wireless bill payment.

Today’s big news makes the rewards even sweeter. Cardholders can now spend their rewards on even more of what they love, even outside of Verizon. This includes gift cards from favorite brands, hotels, flights and car rentals.

Touring via fork with Adam Richman

World famous foodie Adam Richman helped us celebrate those awesome Verizon Visa card rewards by taking Andy on a gastronomic tour around the country. Within 30 minutes, they managed to try 50 meals from 50 states, with Adam sharing all kinds of fun facts along the way. You can watch the entire gastro tour here.

Rima gives MWC keynote.

Andy isn’t the only one traveling this week. Also on the road was Chief Strategy Officer Rima Qureshi, responsible for Verizon's overall corporate strategy, business development, partnerships, strategic investments and acquisitions. She gave a keynote address earlier today in Barcelona, Spain, at Mobile World Congress, the world’s most influential exhibition for the connectivity industry. Rima spoke on the future of tech and the transformative power and impact of 5G.

Coming up this week

Here’s a rundown of some events and content you won’t want to miss over the next few days.

  • Tomorrow: Up To Speed will take a look at Verizon’s barnyard and our own superhero named THOR.
  • Wednesday: We’re celebrating a milestone birthday. Someone is turning 21. We won’t tell you who, but you definitely don’t want to miss the 21st birthday bash on Wednesday.
  • Thursday: We’re working on a special vacation episode with all the goodies you’ll need for your summer trips. And remember to pay for those goodies with your Verizon Visa card to earn Verizon dollars.

LinkedIn Live: Sam Hammock

If you or someone you know is looking to advance their careers at Verizon, circle this Thursday on your calendars. So many of you were pumped to learn about the announcement of Talent GPS, an exciting new initiative from our HR Team. You can learn more about it and how to navigate your careers when SVP of Global Talent Sam Hammock answers your questions, Thursday at 2 PM ET/11 AM PT on Inside Verizon’s LinkedIn.

Follow ‘Inside Verizon’ on LinkedIn

Also on LinkedIn, keep an eye out for an article posting tomorrow about returning to the office and the range of emotions that some of us may feel as we prepare to meet our office mates for the first time in over a year. That and more great content available if you follow our “Inside Verizon” handle on LinkedIn.

If you have any questions, email them to live@verizon.com.

Click here for a transcript of the webcast.

Get the latest information on our Coronavirus Resource Page (Inside Verizon, The Street).

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